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Freddy is your boyfriend now

Happy valentine's day to Robert and his wife Nancy! [...]

Wanna suck face?

Hi Robert! I hope you enjoy the card/design. Happy Valentines Day! [...]

Man of my Nightmares

Mr. Sandman bring me an scream, make it the most chilling that I have ever [...]

Face Sucker‼️

A Bloody Valentine From Me And Mine To You And Yours Robert🤙🏻❤️💯 Love Sal Christin [...]

Freddy’s Got A Heart

My heart melts for you – thanks for a lifetime of frights! [...]

In your dreams

My 16 year old saw me working on a card and wanted me to submit [...]

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue…

The man of my dreams (and nightmares). Thank you for bringing Freddy to life! [...]

Bed Time


Be Mine

Your a cut above [...]

I’m your boyfriend now

You're my mom's valentine every year. I got my mom's permission to be in the [...]