The Gang


Nightmare stars Jsu Garcia, Amanda Wyss, Johnny Depp, Heather Langenkamp and Robert Englund with a Walkman.

Robert with your Stuff!

Checking this box adds a digital photo of Robert with this item to your order. (Emailed)

Dedication / Instructions for Robert

“to (Name) … (signature) Freddy K” is included. Plus something short

This name will appear with the autograph on the item being signed.

Short Dedication

Select here if you want the Freddy Krueger Nursery Rhyme written on your item. Item must have a smooth surface that is at least 5” x 10″ minimum to qualify.

If both a short and long dedication are entered, only the long dedication will be added to your item.


This Photo, from a long lost publicity shoot, shows Heather, Robert, Baby Johnny Depp and…a WALKMAN (that’s 1980’s speak for IPOD TOUCH…). Robert signs, dedicates this instant classic for you.


Note: The color of this photo is not ‘faded’ but just ‘older’ – more vibrant colors, sort of Halo-esque. Just a product of time.

Signed photos are standard 8×10