1428 Elm St.

This is crazy, but I’m sure you have heard it all and then some. This may never get acknowledged or read but I had to. I’m a 21 year old little blonde girl that works with dogs for a living. I’ve grown up watching A Nightmare on Elm Street…I was the kid chewing on the side of her crib watching anything Wes Craven. I didn’t watch cartoons, I watched Freddy. How am I not a psychopath? I’m not sure. Robert England has been someone I idolized, and will always be my FAVORITE human. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to meet you, both times a hurricane prevented my dreams from coming true. First it was Matthew and then that bitch Irma. Long story short, my dream in life is to meet you and I will one day I hope. This tattoo has more meaning than I can express in a text box. Thank you for being you.