Chrissy Meets His Child Idol Freddy

Thank You For Making My Childhood Memorable From Age 3 I Grew Up Watching A Nightmare On Elmstreet , Cartoons Never Shut Me Up Only Thing To Calm Me Down , Relax Me Or Make Me Happy Was You , Even As An Adult Your My Hero & Idol Mainly Because When Life Got Hard & I Wanted To Give Up The Thought Of U Makes Life Worth Living At Age 30 I Drove 4 Hrs To See U In Cherry Hill My Heart Was Beating Fast During This Photo Op It Went By Fast But I Hugged U Like It Was A Kid Seeing Barney & We Didn’t Even Plan The Same Facial Expression But It Happened & I Have Picture Over My Bed Of Us And I Have A Display In My Room Of All Your DVD’s Your Book & Dolls To Pat Homage To You Also Have A Potrait Of You On My Back U Have It As Your Thumbnail Thank U For Making Life Complete I Love You Freddy Robert Englund Is My Guy For Life ❤️