Dream-Stalking Monster

I was five years old when Dream Warriors came out and forever changed my life in 1987. Freddy is more than just the son of 100 maniacs, Freddy in a lot of ways became a childhood icon for so many and still is to this day. I now share my love of Freddy with my four kids and finally getting this tattoo was a dream for me and something my kids got to be a part of. They helped me design it with my good friend and tattoo artist Steve Irwin. My Freddy has the makeup from part 3 (my favorite film), the iconic house from what started it all in NOES 1, green eyes (part 1) and the glove that ended it in Freddy vs Jason. It wouldn’t have been complete without Robert’s stamp of approval either. This tattoo symbolizes what the franchise means to me, what it now means to my kids and the special place it will forever hold in my heart. Robert, This tattoo is my thank you to you for being not only Freddy Krueger, but for being the wonderful person you are to your fans. Thank you, one of your biggest fans, Justin