Freddy’s Bouquet of Carnage

Hi Robert!
My aim was to create something beautiful and disgusting, Freddy's Bouquet of Carnage! Inspired by Dream Warriors & the dreamy shopping mall aesthetic of the 80s, I worked hard to include as much gory gorgeous detail as possible.

My name is Shawn Curley, I live in Los Angeles with my girlfriend Lee, our dog Wizard and two cats – Parker Pawsey and Catrick Swasey. We are obviously big fans and love staying up to date on your blog. I'm a horror aficionado as an adult, but as a kid growing up on the Maine seacoast in the early 90s I was anything but, I was terrified of you!

Freddy and your countless other roles aside, we adore your Phantom of the Opera film and wish that a sequel had been made. It was a thrill to see you pop up in The Goldbergs and Stranger Things. I'm also a fan of your art and Freddy drawings, one of these days we'll have one above the mantle. You truly mean the world to the many generations of us Elm Street Brats, we are lucky to have you!

Thanks for all of the scares!

– Shawn & Lee