Freddy’s Home

Hey Freddy ! I’m 21 year old woman and I’ve been a horror fan since I was a little girl. My all time favorite movie has always been Freddy vs Jason. My favorite part is when you and Jason fight haha. If I am chosen to receive a card the cover art would be amazing to have . I’ve tried to get your attention a couple of times in the past through Instagram to show you this amazing arm piece I have of You. Technically the cover art of Freddy VS Jason LOL, but I lost hope. I feel every moment in life is precious and I am so excited I get an opportunity to finally show you . YOU Robert one of my most biggest fans . I believe Everything happens for a reason and if luckily you come across this, then this will be one of the most best things that can ever happen to me in life . If you’ve read this far Freddy .I Thank you so much for taking the time to notice me . I love you !!!
Sincerely, One of your biggest fans . #NEVERSLEEPAGAINHAHAHAAA