Holiday Fan Letter

Hello Fans and Friends,

Happy New Year! We hope you have all stayed safe and healthy during that… interesting year.

It is odd to look back on our daybook: the first couple of months of 2020 look so ordinary. In February Robert won the Oscar pool again and traveled to back-to-back conventions. As we prepared for a trip to London at the end of the month, we heard rumblings about a fast spreading virus. We wondered if we should travel, if anyone would even attend the London Film & Comic Con. Armed with hospital grade hand wipes, we decided to go and Robert greeted fans, who showed up in record numbers. After the convention we caught a couple plays, visited galleries and Robert had a make-up test with Game of Thrones special effects artists for his role in, it can now be revealed, season four of Stranger Things. We are big fans of the show so are very excited. Fingers crossed, Robert will film in Atlanta, GA in late Spring 2021.

When we returned home in early March, London/Heathrow airport was eerily deserted and our plane was only half-full.

Then the cascading cancellations began. Robert was scheduled to do a big TV publicity tour in NYC for his True Terror premiere and a bunch of conventions, all of which were cancelled. Our dog Maizy was delighted to see so much of us during what is usually our busiest time to travel.

We learned how to Zoom and became Netflix junkies. Robert read the Wolf Hall trilogy and a dozen other books, watched the baseball playoffs and our Dodgers win the World Series, and we binged more TV than we can remember.

Due to Maizy’s cancer diagnosis two years ago, we’d been warned she would lose her appetite and all her hair, and waste away. Maizy did not get that memo. She was eager to walk or roll in her patch of mint or destroy a toy until one day in September she suddenly couldn’t stand up as a result of a large tumor on her spine. It has been particularly challenging to make spaghetti without her around to lick up spilled Parmesan cheese. In December we adopted Mona, a three-year-old golden-eyed hound mix rescue, now a spoiled snuggle-bug.

We are staying safe at home in Laguna and send warm wishes to all. Robert can’t wait to get back on the road and meet his fans at conventions. Check his schedule as new dates are being added.

Stay safe, Robert and Nancy Englund