Monster-Mania Con (08-18-2018) Crowne Plaza Philadelphia-Cherry Hill Cherry Hill, NJ

Hi Mr. Englund,
I just wanted to say that my boys and I had a blast meeting you back in 2018! My younger son the smile on his face just says it on how excited he was to meet you. You grabbed him and said YOUR MINE then we took the picture. Later that day he was waving at you when you were walking down a hallway and you stopped and turned to him and said TAKE A NAP! He was so excited that you did that. I also want to thank you for making his day awesome. He will never forget it. I have met you so many times at different Cons even going all the way back to a place in Berlin, Massachusetts (Spooky world) in 1997. You signed my Glove. So this time my boys wanted to come with me, being Freddy fan’s and they wanted to meet you. So here is the picture of that day!
Thanks Again!