The Freddy family

Yes we are the Freddy family but I wanted to explain the concept behind the decision to go dressed like that to “London Comic – Con”

Back in the 80’s children would go school and talk about the films that our parents had rented out the night before, upon speaking to my husband about this we found that we had a lot more in common then we first thought.

There were films like….

Evil 976
The first power
The gate
Trick or treat

But the one film that we would sit in school talking about would be “A nightmare on Elm street” the fact of what Freddy was before the parents had burned him to my memory never came up in relation to being a child killer.

At the age of 8, 9, 10 years old it was the normal to watch these films over and over again, infact I remember writing my own version of a Freddy film in my mind when trying to sleep at night and each night I would add and add to it and if filmed it would of become a 10 hour epic.

But as an adult I would not let my girls watch these films till they are around 14/15 years old because they seem to be more into that genre of films that involve magic and fantasy with pink unicorns and fluffy clouds.

Saying that it does not mean we have not spoken to our girls about the positive social impact Freddy Krueger had on my childhood with my friends and siblings.

When we were made aware that Robert Englund was attending London comic con it was a no brainier I was going, my husband was going and we were taking the children we have done other exhibitions like for my husband The previous London comic con where he got to meet his hero Williams Shatner and events closer to home like “for the love of horror” in Manchester where I met other horror heroes such as Kane Hodder and CJ Graham aswell as others.

Deciding to dress up was not only fun for us but for our children aswell and we wanted to make this a trip to remember, they always say don’t meet your heroes but in Robert Englund case this is so far from the truth.

I booked all the photo shoots I could with him and as many autograph signings as I could and it was so worth it the queues were long to see him but with my diamond pass in hand it went so swiftly, standing at his table I noticed he could just talk naturally with his fans, there was no rushing them away and eavesdropping on the conversations he was having with the people in front of us to our conversation there was no repetition, Robert even spoke about a show he was hooked on called “The Outsider” to my husbands glee as this is his favourite show on tv at the present.

To have a normal conversation with a star that was just like two people standing waiting for a bus was amazing.

I have to mention the interaction Robert had with our children was also amazing and they were hanging off every word he said including when my 10 year old daughter said “my mum keeps going on about the Freddy laugh, will you do it for me” in which he was happy to do it.

Robert’s wife asked if she could take a picture of her favourite family that had attended and we were happy to do so as we dressed like this as a homage to Robert Englund and not the character of Freddy Krueger to say thank you for the memories you have given me and the time you have taken to spend with us as a family.

So in closing yes we are the “Freddy family” but we are also want to extend a hand to Robert and his family to join the “Williams” family whenever he is in Wigan (Manchester)

Thank you for a memorable day.


Sascha, John, Chloe & Lexi