This Is God!

I was raised watching horror. Nightmare on Elm Street was always a go to favorite and I’ve watched it hundreds of times! LOVE Robert Englund, not only as Freddy…but as V (Willie) and in his many other roles. BUT as a horror lover, Freddy is my love.
I just love his voice/humor/appearance and after learning that Robert would be at Charlotte’s Mad Monster Party 2018, I got my Freddy glove tattoo done so that it would be healed before the show! I stood in line for 4 hours, but it was worth it. I got to meet the man of my dreams! Freddy himself.
Just an incredible, unforgettable moment to finally meet him, as I have wanted to meet Robert since I was a little girl!
After having it autographed, I immediately went and had it tattooed on, and raced back in time to show Robert it freshly tattooed on!
thank you for being you Robert! (Freddy) I hope that you loved the gifts! especially the pillow!

~a loyal Freddyette….Amanda