Pizzaface Valentine

Oh boy where do I start … Hmm well, this is my third time entering this contest! I'm pretty happy with the way the drawing came out. Anyways I've said this a thousand times before but hi my name is Ashlyn and I'm your biggest fan!! (You might remember me lol) You've helped me through so much Robert, I've been a fan ever since I was 11. You're my idol and You've been my biggest inspiration for the past 6/7 years. I love you and all of your movies! my favorite movies of yours are kantemir and 2001 maniacs. I also loved you in V! Willie is my favorite character out of all the characters you've played over the years. Willie means so much to me and I hope to get a signed picture of him from you soon! Also when you sent me that birthday card and Freddy picture for my 16th birthday last year it made me extremely happy!!! I have them hanging up on my wall. I hope I can meet you soon, it would be a dream come true. Anyways I hope you like my entry Robert and I hope you and Nancy have a wonderful 2022! I would say more but I'm not really good with words and this would be really long lol.
~Your biggest fan Ash

If you need my socials just in case here they are:
Instagram: _ashtheraccoon_
Twitter: ash_the_raccoon