Erik Alexandre

Love you for you. Simply

Care for Something Sweet?

Hi, Robert im a huge fan. I first saw Nightmare On Elm St when i [...]

One, two, Freddy’s loving on you….

Happy Valentine’s Day to my favourite bad guy! Sleep tight Freddy is out tonight

Take a Pizza my Heart

thank you for all the heartfelt scares.

Happy valentine bitch

You were absolutely fabulous and I wouldn’t mind Freddy hunting me in my dreams


What says “I love you” more than a giant dream snake calling out to you [...]

Be Mine

Your a cut above

Elm Street Dreams

A poster design I made inspired by the vintage 80's look of postcards, as well [...]

we belong together

here's the card I made for the contest. thanks and happy valentines day!

No Love For The Man With The Glove

Everyone’s favorite dream man has been stood up one too many times. Will this be [...]

My Krueger Valentine

Valentine, you’re more than a little meatball. You’re my soul food

Killer bear

My 8 year old daughters submission.

For the best of Slasher

Hello friends of Freddy! I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day hoping that you [...]

Be My Bloody Valentine

This Valentines Card was done by Tigger's Dog Rescue for all of you Freddy Kruger [...]

I’m your boyfriend now!

A big smoochy phone kiss to Robert!

Be My Valentine

Thanks for all the memories of watching your movies through out the years and meeting [...]

freddy vs cupid

i chose to have Freddy offering up Cupid as a token of his morbid affection, [...]

Roleplay tonight?

Happy Valentines, hope I don’t break your heart

Man of Your Dreams

As huge Robert Englund fans from the UK, myself (RetroReview) and fellow artist Bolt from [...]

you’re the one in my drams

Hello Robert and Nancy. I'm here for the fourth consecutive year trying to win this [...]

Griff’s Valentine Card

Roses are red, violets are blue – Robert Englund is the best 'Freddy Kruegerooo…..'


Hi Robert, this is my draw for the Valentine contest. It represents yuo in Freddy [...]

Freddy Krueger

I made this Valentine Card just for you! It’s a collage graphic I made!

see you in your dreams

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you like this card design!

Happy Valentine’s Slay from your Dream Child

Happy valentine's day from Jaxson Kelley age 7.

Man of you dreams

Robert, I’ve always been a huge fan!! Thank you for all the enjoyment that you [...]

Freddy’s Got A Heart

My heart melts for you – thanks for a lifetime of frights!

A Heart is Just an Upside Down Butt

Freddy, I know the only way to defeat you to play by my own rules. [...]

My Bloody valentine

Heyo Fred 🥺🥺. Its not much but I love you like a lot. And I [...]

Claudia Giustiniani

Hi Freddy … I often dream and I’m your admirer. I embrace you and I [...]

F-ready For Love

I also had the "Man of your Dreams" idea but figured this one may be [...]


Now you're streaming with power.

Anime Freddy

Happy Valentine's Killer

You’re the one of my dreams

I’m attaching a jpg of the artwork, but if you’d like a hi-rez version, just [...]

I’m your Valentine Now

Just happy to of had the opportunity to participate in a contest held by Freddy [...]

Totally NOT My Favorite Girl

Dear Robert, Happy New Year! This is the third time I am joining your contest. [...]

Freddy’s Heart

Happy Valentines Day Robert! <3


Thank you for this incredible chance to send you something

Pt 1of2 Roses are dead, violets aren’t new and I sharpened my claws just for you

I’ve submitted 3 other cards, but this card was designed by my girlfriend who is [...]

Damaris Lopez

Thank you for the opportunity 😉

Be Mine

Hello Robert. I paid tribute to you and your wife last year, I don't know [...]

Hell is a Place on Earth With You

Submitting this again because I don’t know if this went through the other time. If [...]

“You Complete Me!”

Hiya, Sweetheart! Seems like even a poor soul like YOU needs some luvin’ this Valentine’s [...]

Bloody Valentine 2023

Fred wishes you a bloody valentine!


Dude, you’re such a lady killer


Freddy preparing a boiling love soup


I am so excited to participate in this. First time entering and regardless of the [...]

Freddy’s Love

My name is Guillermo. My mom is helping me submit the design i made for [...]

“How Sweet ” 2021

Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid

I’m your Valentine Now!!!

Just happy to of had the opportunity to participate in a contest held by Freddy [...]

First Time Valentine

Enjoy this Valentine's Day card!

Freddy’s Be Mine Sweater Heart

First time taking part in the Valentine Card contest and I am by far no [...]

Time to Prune the Roses

1.. 2.. Freddy’s coming for you 3.. 4.. Cause I’m a herbivore 5.. 6.. Try [...]

Baby meat

Thank you for introducing me to the world of horror…and my 18 month old son, [...]

Freddy: Will you be my Valentine?

Hi Robert, I felt inspired and sent in a new entry for the card contest! [...]


Lovin you in my Nightmares.

Freddy & Teddy bear

I hope that you would like my card.

Heart Hands Freddy

Been a huge fan of Robert England for a long time! I had an opportunity [...]

Man of your dreams

I hope you like the drawing! Took me like 3 days…


Happy Valentine’s day !!!!!!!!!

Uugh…it’s so basic!

So I know I uploaded my "artwork" 1 hour ago all funny and stuff…and now [...]

Flower “Heads”

"Dear Robert, Wishing you a killer Valentine's Day! In the garden of nightmares, you hold [...]

Dream Lover

Dream lover- where are you?

Love Bites!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Robert! Encouraged by a friend of mine who’s also participating, I decided [...]

Splatters of the Heart

You've been my favorite "monster" since I was kid. Gorever Yours! 😘


Robert, Hope you like this amazing creation I made just for you! You're amazing at [...]

Freddy Owns Your Heart

I am a big fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street films. I learned about [...]

“Oh, Shiela!!!!”

a reworking….

Dream lover

Can't wait to see you in your dreams

Yvonnes Bloody Valentine

Who needs red roses when you can be seen in their dreams…Happy Valentine Robert!!!

Your eyes say “no, no.” But my mouth says “yes, yes.”

Hello Robert! My name is Rafael, from Brazil. Here I am again, one more year [...]

It was all a Dream

I have always been a big horror fan, but Nightmare on Elm St was one [...]

Scream Queen

Freddy has always been my favorite slasher!! Huge fan!!

Without You

Happy Valentine’s Day To Nancy & Robert! My Entry Was Inspired By The “Freddy’s Dead" [...]

Will you be my valentine… forever

Have a happy Valentine’s Day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Hello! I am a 15 year old artist from the UK and am a huge [...]

See You in My Dreams

Happy Valentines Day to the King of Horror, This card is done with all cut [...]

Freddy Pops Up

Freddy is popping up this Valentine especially for you!

You have my heart

Freddy Krueger know that we are miles apart you have haunted my dreams through years [...]


Happy Valentine's Day to you and Nancy! I hope you're both doing well and staying [...]

Burning Heart

Hi Robert! My name is Isabelle, I’m 17 and I’m a huge fan. I look [...]

Care for Something Sweet, Bitch?

Dearest Frederick, As a lifelong fan of your work, the moment I heard about this [...]

Soul Pizza of Love

I based my card off of one of my favorite Freddy scenes!

I Glove You…to Bits!

To Robert From instilling a love of horror and macabre humour in me during my [...]



Hey Valentine… Wanna suck face?

Hi Robert! I had loads of fun drawing up my Valentine's competition entry for 2021, [...]

Burning love

We love you

Count the Ways

The ways look finite.

Are You Kitten Me?

A kitten referencing the Valentine/ Freddy Krueger spirit!

Sweater of Red

Not an artist at all just thought it be fun and show some love.

Sweet Dreams

See You in your dreams Robert.

Let me be the man of your dreams

Happy Valentines 💝

Pizzaface Valentine

Oh boy where do I start … Hmm well, this is my third time entering [...]


Blood is red and veins are blue. Would you say you do?? Marry me!

Welcome to Valentine’s Day… Bitch!

Here’s my second submission! I didn’t see anything that said I couldn’t submit more than [...]

Man Of your Dreams

Man of your Dreams! Happy Valentine!

I’m your Valentine now

Thanks for all you do and for all the great movies you acted in

#1 Heartbreaker on Valentines Day

Hey, Big fan I made this in my photoshop class I had in highschool and [...]

Cupid on Elm Street

This is the same card design with a plain white background

Be mine

Hello Robert! Here I am again, one more year in this contest! I am sending [...]

I thought we were role playing tonight?

Have a bloody valentine, sleep tight don’t let Freddy bite

I’m your boyfriend now Nancy

What better a way to spend Valentine's day, then filling a lung with Freddy's long, [...]


Wanna Suck Face For Valentines??

The Headless Glover

Thanks for doing this awesome contest again!

You’re the only soul for me Valentine

Uncle Freddy also needs some love on Valentine’s Day.

I Burn For You

Dear Robert, Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for entertaining us for all these years and [...]

You’re all I’m dreaming of!

Roses are red, Violets are blue, You’re all I dream of, Do you dream of [...]

First date Freddy

Thanks for the screams, and dreams!

Robert Englund

Hey Freddy, you sexy boy. Can’t wait to see you in my dreams after this [...]

When Freddy Met Sally

Come back!! Fuck The Conjuring!

Scratch your back

Thank you for being great to your fans

Teddy valentine

Thank you for asking me to submit again this year!! I can’t believe I’m still [...]


How Sweet!

You Make My World Upside Down

Dear Robert Englund, It’s truly an honor for me to pariticipate once again in your [...]

I’m your Valentine NOW

I'm your BF NOW!

A love Like Freddy

From my age of 10 when you first showed on the screen , I was [...]

Freddy enamorado.

This is Lucas design for the contest (he is 5 years old!). Happy Valentine's day [...]

Slashed though the heart

forever and ever in my dreams

Heart Stealer (Zach Faris)

Now allow me to steal yours…

Burning for You

I only just recently watched A Nightmare on Elm Street, but I was an instant [...]

9, 10 you’re still my best friend

This was my dog Ralphie. We spent his last Halloween dressed up as our favorite [...]

I’m Clawing My Way

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Brandon roberts

I love Freddy Krueger movies

Bloody Valentine

Uncle Freddy loves his bloody valentine!

A Valentine on Elm Street

Dear Mr. Krueger, I am a huge fan of your work. Have been since before [...]

No glove, no love

I’m burning with desire!

Sneaky, Sneaky

Sneaky, Sneaky how about a hickey?

The man of your dreams!

Freddy’s revenge was always a favorite Nightmare of mine. Always loved that poster too! Freddy [...]

Freddy’s Card

Happy Valentine's Day to all Freddy fans! I hope you have/find a partner this year [...]

A Cut Above the Rest

Showcasing Freddy’s true love: his glove.

Wet dreams

Happy vday to my dreamboat horror icon!!!

Love Kills

Hello Mr. Robert Englund My name is Gonzalo De Montreuil, I’m a graphic artist and [...]

Freddy’s Bitch

Rob/Freddy – A huge thank you for your dedication to the franchise. The original nightmare [...]

I’m Your Boyfriend Now

I can’t guarantee if this submission is good enough to make the cut, but at [...]

Love at first dream

Hope you like my valentine

Be Mine

I met Robert at the 13th annual Fright Fest in San Antonio. He is a [...]

Freddy is your sweetheart now.

Hope ya’ll have great valentine’s day! Thanks for giving fans the opportunity to create images [...]

Just Another Guy

I’m just another guy who has grown up loving your work. Hope you’re having a [...]


Happy Valentine’s Day dear Robert

Dream Lover

Happy Valentines Day

Dont be heartless

I’ve been a fan since I was a child. Freddy is my favorite horror villain [...]

Your Nightmare Valentine

Inspired by the man himself, Robert Englund!

Carve your heart out

Hello, I am Jazlyn. I am 10 years old and my mom allowed me to [...]

Bleeding heart

To Robert, always wear your heart on your sleeve. Easy done if Freddy has ripped [...]

Valentine Tarot Card

You Have My Heart Now I Have Yours

The nightmare

Welcome to my nightmare baby

Without You I’m Nothing

This card was inspired by the Freddy’s Dead poster, that I loved as a kid [...]

Inside you!


You’ll be in my dreams

I am SUCH A HUGE FAN OF YOURS. A Nightmare on Elm Street was the [...]

Teddy Krueger

This is by far the coolest Valentine’s Day contest EVER! Happy bloody Valentine’s Day, Robert!

Freddy’s Valentine

I have been a huge fan of Nightmares On Elm Street series and Freddy Kruger. [...]

I’ll Get You My Pretty!

Dear Robert, you'll always be the demon of my dreams. Thanks for all the nightmares!

Freddy ❤️ Police

Freddy loves helping out the local police department with Trunk or Treat. Just don’t fall [...]

Be my Valentine

Left this blank so you can add to it

Bloody valentine

My 8 year old son Ryan is a huge fan, he wanted to make this [...]

Strong Along

I really like the puppet scene in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. [...]


To Mr and Mrs Englund Happy Valentines hope to see you again soon

I’m your boyfriend now, bitch!

Thanks for the terrifying nightmares, Freddy!

Freddy’s Revenge

Our 5 year old daughter decided to draw Freddy, from seeing a picture her dad [...]

Be Mine

I met Robert at the 13th annual Fright Fest. He is a legend by all [...]

Burn, baby, burn!

It's an honor to be able to create something for such an icon of horror. [...]

Lets Have Some Fn Bourbon Valentine!

Hello! I hand drawn this Valentines card with charcoal pencils. It originates from the scene [...]

You’re The ONE For Me

Hello and salutations! Here is my submission for the 2019 Valentine’s Day card. This is [...]

They Call It Love

Freddy is a inspirational figure to me and has gotten me through tough times.

I Only Have Eyes For You!

Hey Valentine, I only have eyes for you! Ahhahahaha!

Freddy’s Valentine 2023

I made cards like the ones kids get in school before and "Freddy" suggested this [...]

“The Doctor is In…”

Robert, Thank you so much for the work you have done and for the impact [...]

Choose Your Dream

Do dreams really always lead us to love? Are dreams always full of beautiful things? [...]

Valentine’s 2024

“You wormed your way into my heart.”

Your eyes say “no, no.” But my mouth says “yes, yes.”

Hello Robert! My name is Rafael, from Brazil. Here I am again, one more year [...]

Desperately seeking a Valentine

Happy Valentines Day!!

from sg

How About a Little Piece of Your Heart this Valentine's Day?

Man of your dreams

Long life the dream god !

Pixar Freddy

Hello Robert. I enjoyed you in V. Live Neil

Drop dead fred

II'm ready for prime time bitch!


A play off the junkyard scene in ANOES 3: Dream warriors, when Freddy's skeleton reanimates.

I’m Your Valentine Now

I’ve changed my first submissions greeting from “I’m Your Boyfriend Now” to “I’m Your VALENTINE [...]

Have a heart

Even Freddy is willing to give away a heart on Valentine's Day. It's not his [...]

A Lovely Nightmare

One, two, here’s a message for you! I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with [...]


Be my UNCUT Valentine, Nancy. Every year…

Dream Lover

Happy valentines, ya big spookyboi!!!

1,2, heart for you

Hey Fred, have a heart?

Love, eternal

Dear Freddy, this could be us. I love you xxoo

Wanna Suck Face?

Although I am massively creeped out by your films my boyfriend is a huge fan [...]

In my dreams

You set my world on fire

Have A Heart

Happy Valentine’s day, we hope you enjoy this! xoxo -Haley & Dustin (The Lucid Graveyard)

Criminal love

Which of the two will hurt less…….?

Hall Monitor seeks love

I have zero artistic talent, but LOVE Robert Englund.

Bready Freddy

Happy V-day, Robert! Thank you for the nightmares! Much love from Finland!<3

“In dreams I walk with you..”

Thank you for the opportunity and for everything you do!! Your inspiration keeps me going [...]

1,2 Freddy’s in love with you

Hope this is the valentine's of your dreams

Eat your heart out

To the first man of my dreams. Hoping you will be my Valentine, has me [...]


“Lets act like we are at the prom from hell!” You’re a nightmare valentine ❤️

Lose Your Head

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Don’t be a Kristen and spoil it!

It’s all pillow talk

Dear Freddy, I am a huge fan of yours. I was a Fangoria kid in [...]

Welcome to my Nightmare

Welcome to my Nightmare, won’t you be mine? Happy Valentine’s Day! It’ll be a Dream!


Roses are red Don’t sleep in your bed Violets are blue I’m coming for you

My Heart Strings

Thank you for doing this contest again this year. It’s my third year entering. I [...]

My Heart Aches for You

Freddy has always been my favorite! Happy Valentine's Day! xo -Haley

Heart Dreams

Hi Robert. This was done by my 13 yr old daughter Sophia. She knows Freddy [...]

Cut my heart into pieces

Loving you slashes my heart

Welcome to pug time bitch !!!

Roses are DEAD..violets are blue.. Freddys an icon and so are you keep up the [...]

I’m Your Boyfriend Now: Ghost Vs Freddy

Hi Robert, I love a good movie mash up, so here it is – Ghost [...]

Dreams and Heart

Love steals our heart … but if it were a dream that steals our heart [...]


Here's a poem: Roses are red. Violets are blue. Don't fall asleep. Bitch! Happy Valentine’s [...]

The whole package ✨

You’re what dreams are made of 😍

Kill 4 Me

Hi Robert, I’m a 19 yr old from Australia who has Autism. I just want [...]

Baby you make all of my nightmare’s come true

Got inspiration for this from my girlfriend who is a huge Freddy fan.

I found a way to your heart

Dear Freddy Welcome to my art bitch. Thanks for giving this opportunity and this cool [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day Freddy Krueger

Happy Valentine's Day! You're my favorite nightmare, Valentine!

February is cold you’re not here

Thank you for the contest, I love Freddy from the very beginning, happy to honor [...]

Freddy’s Coming for You

Happy Valentine’s Day from the soon to be birthday girl


Howdy, Mr. Englund! Huge fan here — you’ve inspired me to take a stab at [...]

Mayara Cardoso

Hello Robert I’m from Brazil, and access to you is so difficult here. I dream [...]

I beat my high score

Been a huge fan for most of my life! I was so happy to finally [...]

Give me your heart

Hi again Robert! Same card with color and a few tweaks. Hope you enjoy! Also, [...]

Cupid on Elm Street

This is a slightly reworked design that I created digitally. I participated in this contest [...]

Love hurts….

Love hurts …. Freddy

Wanna Suck Face?!

I’m here attempting to submit my entry once again…would really like to be a part [...]


Loving you. Cut my heart out on Valentine. Bloody Dreams

Wet dream

Hey baby, how’s THIS for a wet dream (; love you!!!

Sucking Face

Happy Valentines to my favorite creep!

Dream Lover

Horror can be fun too.

My Valentine, Sweet Dreams

Happy Valentine's Day Mr. Englund! Hope you have a sweet one! <3

Youuu Are My Valentine

Happy Valentines Day to the man of my dreams and nightmares! Your work has inspired [...]

Be My Nightmare

Your eyes say no, no! But your heart says yes, yes! Thank you for playing [...]

Man Of 1000 Screams

Dear Freddy you are truly awesome and I love all your movies! Keep being “The [...]

Dylan’s card

My father first introduced me to Freddy, now my son is also a loyal fan. [...]

Always dreaming of you …

Hi Freddy, I think your amazing and love your work have been a fan since [...]

Love is

Hi Robert! My name is Rafael, from Brazil. Here I am again, another year in [...]

A Hand To Hold

Happy Valentine’s Day, Robert! You have been quite an inspiration to my creativity as a [...]

Fiery Smile

Just an idea! The 'bare bones', lol 🤣🤣🤣

Face Sucker‼️

A Bloody Valentine From Me And Mine To You And Yours Robert🤙🏻❤️💯 Love Sal Christin [...]

Kruger’s Valentine #1

Happy Valentine’s Day to the best horror character of all time!

Burning Passion

Hello Robert, I've been fan ever since I can remember especially of you as Freddy. [...]

Big Head

Happy valentines day ….I hope to meet you in person one day

I love you THIS much!

Happy Valentine’s Day to the monster of my dreams!

Man Of Your Dreams

Thanks For Letting Us Be Apart Of Your World Robert A Special Happy Valentine’s Day [...]


Hey, whats up? You’re the best!

Hugs are drugs

After all this social distancing, Daddy needs a hug!


I especially love your movies where you play yourself! 🙂

To the man of my dreams!

Who doesn't love Freddy wearing sunglasses!

Leonardo De’ Freddio

I did this illustration in January of 2021 but didn't know of the Valentine's Day [...]

VD Card

A handmade card drawn by Simply Betty, inked and put together by me. I love [...]

How Sweet. Fresh Meat.

Nightmare Kisses and Valentine Wishes

Freddy the Bear

Dear Freddy, Be my bloody Valentine! Love, Melany xxx

Roses Are Fred

Thanks for the nightmares. Love always.

Freddy K

Happy Valentines Day bitch!❤❤❤

Sweet Dreams

Hello Robert! My name is Rafael, from Brazil. Here I am again, one more year [...]

My charred romance

As Robert might say,"Keep your mouths shut and yer gloves tied tight,cause Freddy loves ya!" [...]

Freddy Krueger

You are truly one-of-a-kind! No other horror villain could never compare to you! Happy Valentine’s [...]

You make me “High”

Happy Valentines Day to Robert and Nancy! Im excited to enter the Valentine contest again! [...]

You really got a hold on me

I'll see you in my dreams. Happy Valentine's day

Freddy’s Valentine

Dear Freddy, Us Elm street brats don’t deserve a man of your standing and sheer [...]


Greetings fron Caracas Venezuela, we meet in Spooky Empire Orlando few years ago and we [...]

Be My Nightmarish Dream Come True

I'll be the nightmare that will stay with you forever!

Eye Like You

I’m glad that I heard of this in time. I hope you like my submission. [...]


I love how interactive and caring you are to people who adore you and your [...]

Wet dream? Or just a bloody nightmare?

Dear Robert Happy Valentines hope Freddy has a hot date! If not I’ll be! Haha! [...]

Michelle Reyes

Most Amazing Actor!! Robert Englund Shall Live Forever

Getting into my heart has never been THIS easy!

I’m sure Freddy would love to wish all those piggies out there a happy Valentine’s [...]

Pamela Whiteford

Hi Freddy this is a Valentine’s I made for my fiancé, she absolutely loves you [...]

Fancy a Ride?

This card was inspired from Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. It’s hard [...]

Sleeping Beauty nightmare

Robert, I hope you like this card, I made it with love. I'm from Brazil [...]

“NO Glove, NO LOVE !!!!”

VERSiON One, i have ANOTHER one where it says, “happy Valentine’s Day….bitch” down in the [...]

Sucking Face

Who doesn’t like to suck a little face every now and then?

Johnny Depp. Bring back boys in crop tops!

Hiiii Freddy! Your bitch is back 😝 Here is my valentines design, for glory and [...]

You’ve got the body and I have your heart!

A wonderful Valentine's to all those special dream killers out there!

Valentine For Freddy

Hello. Here is the digital drawing of Freddy I drew that I would like to [...]

Be mine

Hello Robert! Here I am again, one more year in this contest! I am sending [...]

Nightmare Cupid

Date Night Freddy Style

I Have My Eye on You, Valentine

Hey Freddy! I am 14 yrs old and a Huge Fan. I hope you like [...]

Forever Yours Valentine card

Dearest Robert, You give and give and give! I hope this Forever valentine reminds you [...]

Freddy’s Home

Freddy will always be one of my favorite horror monsters! Robert, you are a legend! [...]

I WOULD KILL to be with YOU

its me again! this time with a cute Freddy with his dead buddies.This party is [...]

Dreams and Heart

love often steals our heart ….. but what if it were just a dream?

Time of your life

Just a little movie smash up.

True Glove

Enjoy the card Fred! We all have one true Glove!


A little TWiST on Klimt’s “The Kiss” with YOU & Shiela !!!!

The Dreamweavin’ Fred Krueger

Dearest Frederick, Is there any more romantic an album cover than the iconic Freewheelin’ Bob [...]

Blood Type FK

To: My Bloody Valentine From: Freddy Krueger

9, 10 you’re still my best friend

This was my dog Ralphie. We spent his last Halloween dressed up as our favorite [...]

Freddy puppet love

U are my favorite nightmare. See u in my dreams. Love Hope

Dreams and Heart

Love steals the heart ……. dreams steal the mind, but often mind and heart travel [...]

You’re A Piz-za My Soul, Valentine!

Have a bloody good Valentine's Day Robert!

Nightmare on Valentines Day

Hello Mr. Englund. This is my Lady and the Tramp inspired Valentines design. I hope [...]

I haven’t even cut you yet!

Actually a picture of my birthday cake!!

All my love is for you!

Robert, I do respect you and admire a lot all of your work. I’ve been [...]

We got six more minutes to play

Happy Valentine's Robert Englund. You are amazing Horror actor of my childhood years.

Im Your Valentine Now

I’m a huge fan, you’ve brought a lot of joy (and fear) into my life. [...]

Nice Hearing From You

One Of The Coolest Scenes From "Freddy’s Dead" As A Special Valentine’s Day Message.

” I can be your sweet dream.”

I really hope you enjoy this piece. I just recently found out about this contest [...]

The love worm

Hi Robert & Nancy, here I send my participation in the Valentine's card contest, I [...]

Are you my Valentine?

Roses are red, Valentine's day is here. Have a beautiful day with Nancy.

I’m the man of your dreams

Happy Valentine's day "Dream Lover"!

Love of your nightmares

Thank you for being the nightmare of our dreams!

Give me your heart

Hi Robert! Didn’t quite finish coloring!

Freddy’s Soul(mate) Pizza

Happy Valentines Day to Robert and all the Elm Street Bratz!

1, 2: I Love You

Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for the nightmares!!!

Dream Lovers

Hi Robert, here I send my participation in the Valentine's card contest, I hope you [...]

For My Sweet Heart

I will love ya to death!

You have my heart

Thank you for being Freddy

Freddy Cat

The claws are coming to get you!

Slashed Right Through the Heart

You will always be my favorite horror villain!

You are Freddy Krueger….

Don't thinking to much, don't worry to much,don't drink to much , you are Freddy [...]

I Love You My Pretty And Your Little Soul Too!

Dear Robert and Nancy, Greetings from Texas! I never thought of myself as a big [...]

Choose your Dream…..

Are dreams really always beautiful? Try to choose the dream you like best ……..

Gory Valentine!

Hello Mr. Krueger! My name is Zofia, I am 13 years old and I am [...]

Yvonnes bloody dreams

Who needs red roses when one can dream of you… Happy Valentines Day!

Be mine

My 7yr old was all about her own valentine photo shoot for her card! She [...]

love your enemy

Hi Robert! big fan of your work and I hope you enjoy my art Kisses [...]

Sweet Dreams

I'm so committed to winning this contest that I made a new card. I I [...]

Felis Domesticus

Sure, you might not believe in fairytales, But it's still a purr-fect opportunity!

Dream Valentine

You are awesome 🙂

Tongue Action

To the man of all our dreams, Happy Valentine’s Day!

With burning love I give you my heart

Hey Freddy 1,2 here’s the card for you, 3,4 your blades unleash the gore. I [...]

Dream Lover

Roses are red, violets are blue, Freddy is dead , still he's coming for you! [...]

Out of my head, into my bed

I'm your boyfriend now, Robert.

A Death Sentence

My art style may not be the best but it’s worth a shot for this [...]

You’re mine

You can slice and dice all you want but in the end you know your [...]

Heart Head Freddy

My head throbs for you!


Hi, I’m from Argentina, I’m a fan, let Freddy come back !!

Kristina Thomas

Freddy is a idol and this has been so much fun to do

Be my “Bloody” valentine

I love you Freddy comeback to the big screen

Be Mine

Thanks for all the childhood memories watching "V", Freddys Nightmares and anticipating the latest Elm [...]

Hearts and farts

Hearts and farts

Rob Englund

This message is for Rob Have a very Happy Valentine’s Day

“No heart feelings, right?”

Thanks for all the memories, Robert!

Jack in the box

I’m a huge fan and love having the opportunity to enter this contest! I love [...]


Happy Valentines Day Robert! Thank you for all you have done for the horror community [...]


Whilst part of the design itself was originally meant to be a tribute to the [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Made this For the contest. My best to you

Puppy Love

C'mon Robert … you know it is definitely more than puppy love.


Lee a really big fan of your

Don’t Hide Away Valentine

I actually really really tried this year, and I'm happy with how it turned out [...]

Love is…

Hello Robert! My name is Rafael, from Brazil. Here I am again, one more year [...]

Calling for yoy

Thank you for doing this contest again!

Freddy Love

Mr. Robert, cheers to a Happy Valentines Day. See you in your dreams! ✌🏻


You sexy beast..

Nightmare on love street

Happy bloody valentines day

Freddy Bear!

Freddy Bear Will keep you safe……

Happy love season bitches!!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone’s favorite slasher!!

You’re a Dream

Sweet Dreams!!

Freddy Krueger Cupid

To Freddy: “Thank you for being Freddy, everyday.” To Mr Englund: “Thanks for trying so [...]

til death

til death do us part !

Kiss Me Through The Phone

Hello Mr. Englund! My name is Giuilianna Angulo, or, @/ theleftavenue . I am 20 [...]

I only have eyes for you

Freddy (Mr. Englund), I hope you like the card I submitted. As soon as I [...]

Have A Heart

Blood is red, Veins are blue, hope you have happy Violenttimes day too!

Dream Lover

Dream lover, where are you?

Dream a little dream of Me

You gave all kinds of spooks on Elm Street, And there’s no other Freddy like [...]

Wanna Suck Face?

Dear Freddy, You’ve been searching for love in all the wrong places, so to help [...]

Dream man

Hello my dad entered the contest so I wanted to also. I am 12 years [...]

Jason valdez

Ur my idol ur awesome hope u like my valentine


Hey freddy hope ya lose your head with the art! Sleep kills! keep up the [...]

I’m your valentine now

Thanks for all the dreams! 🙂

Suck my face

Thank you for being the reason I have nightmares

Wanna suck face?

A classic Freddy quote for a classy partner

Infinite Love

I decided to have long-armed Freddy Krueger giving his heart with the infinity sign, this [...]

Mayara Cardoso

Hello Robert I’m from Brazil, and access to you is so difficult here. I dream [...]


Be my Valentine. Cut and Chew me… CHEWblooder… Best Regards and bloody week.

I’m Your Boyfriend Now!

First contest I've done! Tried to integrate details from the first movie, which I love– [...]

“Heartbreaker, Dream Maker…”

Happy Valentine’s Day to Robert and family! Thank you all for having this contest every [...]

Alex Hoffman

Hi Freddy, I am a huge fan of you and have been for years! I [...]

Something Sweet

I wanted to design a box of sweet treats for all the Freddy Fans, and [...]

Freddy’s Best Nightmare

Happy Vday Mr. Englund 😉 if you're ever in Salt Lake I'd love to buy [...]

Under my skin

Thanks for the love

Bloody Valentines

A bloody Valentine’s card featuring Freddy Krueger.

I’m Your Boyfriend Now!

Inspired by vintage Valentine’s Day cards (my favorites). This image was done digitally, so if [...]

Valentine pizza

Trying to do it like from ur movie when u say Rick u little meatball [...]

Stacy armijo

I am obsessed with the nightmare on elm street movies. Robert englund has always been [...]

Dream Daddy

After 31 years I can’t get enough of Freddy! Thanks for your work and for [...]

Man of My Dreams

Some say real love can be breathtaking. Well I’ll take your breath away…forever. 🖤💋

I’ll Get You

A beautiful Valentine photo card of collector memorabilia, with a killer poem.

Hey valentine

Here’s my valentine card

Love’s Nightmare

Dear Mr. Englund, Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for being such an inspiration. You are [...]


happy velmetvs day

One, two, Freddy’s waiting for you

Hello, dear Mr. Englund! I’m a dark, horror artist & illustrator from Russia, better known [...]

Dream Lover

Freddy’s the kind of man who will love you to death! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tammy Wight

I hope you like this <3 this is the second of two designs that I [...]

You’ve Got The Body, I’ve Got The Brain

You’re our favorite! Thank you so much for giving us artists this amazing opportunity. Happy [...]

Be Mine


Come back to bed.

How can Freddy get the girl if she stays awake?

Be my nightmare

Thanks for all the frights!

Best frenemies

Best frenemies, Freddy and Jason want to hang out with you this Valentine’s Day!


This Valentine is a play off of the mirrors scene in ANOES 3: Dream warriors.

Be Mine, Krueger!

This contest is so much fun! I’ve been a big fan of Freddy since I [...]

My House

I'll wait for you at my house……

Dream Guy

Hope you have a slicing good Valentine’s Day Robert! Love, Nicole Shepherd

Sticks & Stones

Robert, and Nancy, Hope your doing well this year and are living life and enjoying [...]

Without You

This Entry Was Inspired By The Original "Freddy’s Dead" Poster. Freddy Needs His Soulmate To [...]

“I’m your boyfriend now, Nancy”

Happy valentines Day Robert, I hope you have a bloody Valentine!!

Freddy’s Dream Girl

Thank you so much for this opportunity! You're an inspiration to all Happy Valentines Day, [...]

Elm st style Be Mine card

This is a photo of the original I made with Prismacolor markers. If you decide [...]

A Valentine on Elm Street

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you enjoy this card!

Man crush

Hi Robert I’m a longtime nightmare fan and hope you like my drawing of Freddy [...]

Freddy’s valentines cafe

Valentines can check in but they can’t check out


Hey! How r u? You’re awesome!

You Rock my Dream World

I was drawing this listening to Pink Floyd and ACDC… and then i realized… I [...]

Fresh Meat

huge fan!!

Sleeping Beauty nightmare

Robert, I hope you like this card, I made it with love. I'm from Brazil [...]


Happy valentines bitch! How's this for a wet dream!

Sweet Screams!

Mr Dream man……..Bring me your Screams!

Am I dreaming

Make your woman very happy this valentines by asking her to tie the knot. Dreams [...]

A Valentines Kiss

His sweater is red..and dirty green.. Come and suck face ..with the man of your [...]

Dream Man

Hello, Mr. Englund! I am a tattoo apprentice and I drew Freddy’s Valentine in a [...]

I’m your Valentine now

This is a play on “I’m your boyfriend now Nancy” line which I feel is [...]

Ready for Valentine, Bitch?

Dear Robert Thanks for the dreams! Greetings from Switzerland Sarina

Freddy Heartbox

Here’s my card! I’m a tattoo artist and love drawing horror. Hope you and your [...]

“Tina’s WORLD”

HOMAGE to Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World”

Sweetheart – You’re a Dream

Thank you for the opportunity to create something fun! I only had a few sleepy [...]

Super Freddy!

Just try to resist me! Not a chance!

I’m Your Valentine Now Bitch!

Once Upon a Nightmare! //// I hope you have Happy Valentines to you and Nancy! [...]

My heart

You Have My Heart, Valentine


Hope you have a screaming Valentine's Day!

Freddy Krueger

Hi Freddy ?? I’m a 15 years old girl and i love you so much…also [...]

Slashing my way to your Heart

To the Englunds Happy Valentines! Robert you are an inspiration! Thank you

Let Me Be The Man Of Your Dreams

Dear Mr. Englund, Freddy Krueger has been one of my favorite horror icons for a [...]

Bee Mine

What if Freddy was a bee slashing flowers at Elm Street?


Wanna suck face?

Man of your dreams

I have been a Freddy fan for the majority of my life. It would be [...]

Dreams of love

I think you’re awesome

1, 2, Hoping For You…

Have a killer Valentine's Day! You've shaped my childhood and helped guide me into being [...]

Without You

Happy Valentine’s Day To Nancy & Robert! My Entry Was Inspired By The “Freddy’s Dead" [...]

Burnin’ love

I did his skin two different colours to show burnt skin. My mum is a [...]

“No Heart Feelings, right?”

Hope you enjoy this little doodle, Robert! Thank you for all of the memories!

Im your valentine now

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Thanks for just being you Robert! I uploaded this way back when [...]

Dead Weight

Always thought this scene was great

Heart Eyed Freddy

Had a blast making this!

Classic love

For an old dude your pretty hot

Bon Appetit

Happy Valentine To Mr and Mrs Englund xo K

Sweet Dreams My Love

From Freddy: Sweet dreams!

Americas Sweetheart

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Tim bullard

Haunted watauga county

Valentine’s Party

I've been a fan of this series for a long time. Long enough that all [...]

A Valentine on Elm Street

Dear Mr. Krueger, I am a huge fan of your work. Have been since before [...]


Hi Robert Englund I made this because I can't draw I did ask my sister [...]

I’m your boyfriend now

If your in Springwood then your all mine!


In your dreams!

Freddy’s love

Hey Robert, I hope you like my card

A dream come true

Being with you is a dream come true! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Great catch

Hope you enjoy this Valentine with some subtly added "Elm Street" characteristics.


Have a Happy Valentines Day. Been a big fan of all your work for many [...]

No Glove No Love

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine Freddy

Hope I win this contest you are a true legend thanks!!!!

May I be your dream bitch?

Im such a huge fan. I hope you like my card. You have gotten me [...]

No Strings

I love the puppet scene in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. This [...]


Happy Valentines Robert! Thank you for all the nightmares all these years, wouldn’t want anyone [...]


Happy valentines 💝 Robert you have been my most favorite horror actor since I was [...]

The Man of My Dreams

Freddy is my favorite slasher! 🖤 I hope you like this Valentines Day card 💝💌

Freddy’s Bouquet of Carnage

Hi Robert! My aim was to create something beautiful and disgusting, Freddy's Bouquet of Carnage! [...]

Welcome to pug time bitch !

The roses are dead…the violets are blue.. Krueger is cool…and so are you !!!

Dream Me Up Freddy Cat

Freddy Cat takes up a multi-billionaire's offer and journeys into outer space.

Catch a Valentine Dream

Had a great time marrying my love of Freddy and dreamcatchers. Here’s hoping everyone catches [...]

Pt 2of2 Roses are dead, violets aren’t new and I sharpened my claws just for you

I’ve submitted 3 other cards, but this card was designed by my girlfriend who is [...]

You Make My Nightmares Come True

Got inspiration for this from my girlfriend who is a huge Freddy fan. The secret [...]

THIS… Is your Freddy Valentine card.

This is probably obvious but, the left picture would be the front/outside of the card [...]

Valentine on Elm Street

I’m Japanese , but I’m a fan of Robert England!! I’ve always wanted to participate [...]

You’ve got the body/I’ve got the brain

To the man who was and likely always be the biggest inspiration to me, thank [...]

To all the female fans out there!

Jason? Michael? They ain’t got no style! Keep on clickin’,Mr. Krueger! You’re the true King [...]

Happy Valentine’s Freddy Krueger

you snooze lose .you never sleep again hahah your my valentines now

Choose Your Dream…….

Do Dreams Really Lead to Love? Are dreams really always beautiful?

Welcome to my world, bitch.

Hello Robert! My name is Rafael, from Brazil. Here I am again, one more year [...]

Dream Lover

Happy Valentines to Robert (and Freddy). 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity and please let [...]

Your Heart is Mine

Happy Valentine’s Day, Robert! Hope you have a great one, stay haunting our nightmares!

Face it

Robert, Happy Valentine's day. We hope you enjoy deez nutz.. Love Iris Black

Wet Dream

Thanks for a lifetime of laughs and nightmares!

The Rose Is Dead

This is my second entry for the current contest. I dwelled on my first and [...]

Prime valentine

3 years in a row participating and still just happy you’re seeing my art. Thank [...]

Take another “pizza” my heart

Thanks for the many years of heartfelt screams.

Stolen Heart (Zach Faris)

Now allow me to steal yours…


Freddy you have been a inspiration and it would be a dream to win .

Freddyzinosaurus Tasty Valentine

Hi Freddy, will you come and haunt my dreams as a monstrous creature of nightmares [...]


Be mine …. Now close your eyes

The man of your nightmares

Thank you for all the nightmare fuel. Keep giving us a fright 🙂

Love Dream

Freddy kills eros god of love waiting for dreamers to become eros in his world [...]

Welcome To Valentine Bitch

Remember where you said Welcome To My World Bitch that’s where I got the card [...]

Bleeding Heart (amended)

Please don't post this message haha! Submission as before but should read "blood is red" [...]

Your Boyfriend Now

Freddy Krueger on a Valentine’s Day themed bed. Snake design inspired by Dream Warriors

I’m Your Valentine

New year, same old love for Englund and Krueger! There will never be another Freddy [...]

Slasher Valentine

happy valentines day nightmare

Man of my Nightmares

Mr. Sandman bring me an scream, make it the most chilling that I have ever [...]

My Dreamy Valentine

You expected diamonds ohh what a wonderful dream but your actually in Freddy's world "Your [...]

Glove you to death

Thank you for allowing this opportunity!!! You’re the man!!

Jason Mallory

This is Valentines Day Happy Valentine’s Day

Dream Big #YOLO

Dear Robert, Thank you for being the man of my dreams! Your role as Freddy [...]

One, two your Valentine’s coming for you…

Happy Valentine's Day! I've been a fan for a long time! Thanks for giving your [...]

I’m The Man of Your Dreams!

What a blast! Nothing but love for the man of MY dreams! ♡

Bleeding Love

Its certainly not the best but I tried 🙂

How Sweet…Sweet Nightmares

Hello! I hope all is well with you! Im still thankful I got to meet [...]

I would kill for you

Been a fan since I was 5

Happy Valentines 🙂

Have a good one dude, found this online and thought you'd like it.


Been a big fan of all your work for many years. Its always a pleasure [...]

Joyeux Cauchemars

Happy Valentine's Day, Robert ! Beaucoup d'amour et de joyeux cauchemars pour l'éternité.

” We Got six more minutes to play.”

Happy Valentine's Robert Englund you are amazing Horror actor.

Love Kills Bitches

Robert we love you!! Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

My Heart

Happy Valentine's Day to the man of my nightmares! I grew up watching your movies [...]

no way

second time participating! I had a lot of fun doing it. Robert, you are sensational! [...]

be mine

i just wanted to give this a go. i got a new digital program to [...]

Lovi Cruguer.

Hello, this is my design for the Saint Valentine's contest. I have created a lovely [...]

A Slice for my Darling

Happy Valentines Day! First time I have tried something like this, and what better time [...]

Everything Inch Of My Heart

Be my valentine and receive every inch of my heart

I Love You My Pretty, And Your Little Soul Too!

Dear Robert and Nancy, Greetings from Texas! I never thought of myself as a big [...]

Sugar Rush!

Ohh what a Rush! A sugar rush that is!

I’ll Be Your Prime Time

I’ve been obsessed with your movies since I can remember. Nightmare on Elm Street with [...]

Freddy “Cupid” Krueger

I hope you like it.

You’re the Sweetest!

I absolutely Loved making this card, and I hope it serves its purpose to pass [...]

Such a Cute Dream.

Keep it Creepy!

Don’t be scared it’s only me with your Valentine xo

Happy Bloody Valentine's Day you Magnificent Bastard ❤️ xo



Heart & Souls

Happy Valentine’s Day Freddy…giving you my heart & soul….

Sweet Dreams, Valentine! 2024

I decided on giving Freddy Soul Chocolates, Roses, and Bottle of Bourbon, awaiting his new [...]

Love is…

I made this drawing inspired by the vintage "Love is…" cards and I hope you [...]

Sweet Dreams

I'm so committed to winning this contest that I made a new card. I I [...]

Wanna suck face?

Hi Robert! I hope you enjoy the card/design. Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Dead Day

Wanna suck tongue? Happy Valentines dead day


Hi Mr Krueger, Hope you will like my art for your San Valentine’ s contest. [...]


The quality of my 1st upload wasn’t good so I tried again. Hope you like [...]

The Man of Your Dreams

This was a bit rushed, due to me finding out about this last minute, but [...]

The Chains of Love

Hiya Freddy, wishing you a whole boiler room of love this Valentine's Day. Much love [...]

I’m going to split you in two

Will you be my valentine bitch? Kelly xx

gifts for you….

in my living room i have this gifts from Freddy Krueger.. even in my dreams…


My name's Freddy Krueger welcome to help Bitch!!!!. I'll chop up your body and throw [...]

See you in your dreams ❤️

Love ya, mean it! Hope to meet you one day.

Without You

Happy Valentine’s Day To Nancy & Robert! My Entry Was Inspired By The “Freddy’s Dead" [...]

I’m your Valentine now Nancy

Nightmare on Elm Street was the series that got me into the horror genre and [...]

Be my Valentine?

Happy Valentine

I’m obsessed with you!

Hi! I’ve been a long time fan of yours and I absolutely enjoyed drawing this [...]

Valentine Nightmare

Poetry always gets the girls.


“Your wish is my COMMAND!!!”

Slashed Through The Heart

Love nightmare on elm street. ❤

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue…

The man of my dreams (and nightmares). Thank you for bringing Freddy to life!

Now Your Mine

Hello Mr. Krueger, Have been a fan since ’84 when it all began and had [...]

No Glove No Love

No Glove No Love – a very important message on Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine's Day Robert & Nancy!

Your a Dream

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope your day is a scream! Sweet Nightmares! -Rhonda

Wanna suck face?

You will always be our favorite 🖤

You Set my Soul on Fire!

I wanted this card to be Punny!

Hmm. A Chocolate Treat

Happy V Day Freddy (Mr. Englund)

Dream Valentine

Happy Freddy the 14th

Freddy love

Happy Valentine's Day! Your an amazing actor! Thank you!

I’m your boyfriend now!

Happy Valentines!

Isn’t he dreamy?

This is my second year entering your contest! I now look forward to it each [...]