Sweater of Red

Not an artist at all just thought it be fun and show some love. [...]

Dream Warrior

7, 8 Better stay up late, 9, 10 Never sleep again! [...]

I’ll Get You

A beautiful Valentine photo card of collector memorabilia, with a killer poem. [...]

I love you this much

Happy Valentines Day Robert! 🖤 [...]

First Time Valentine

Enjoy this Valentine's Day card! [...]


My name's Freddy Krueger welcome to help Bitch!!!!. I'll chop up your body and throw [...]

Choose Your Dream…….

Do Dreams Really Lead to Love? Are dreams really always beautiful? [...]

Lovi Cruguer.

Hello, this is my design for the Saint Valentine's contest. I have created a lovely [...]

Yvonnes Bloody Valentine

Who needs red roses when you can be seen in their dreams…Happy Valentine Robert!!! [...]

Without You

Happy Valentine’s Day To Nancy & Robert! My Entry Was Inspired By The “Freddy’s Dead" [...]

Heart Hands Freddy

Been a huge fan of Robert England for a long time! I had an opportunity [...]

The whole package ✨

You’re what dreams are made of 😍 [...]

Kill 4 me

Hey Robert, my name is Chelsea and I’m 19. I’m from Australia! I have autism [...]

Freddy is your boyfriend now

Happy valentine's day to Robert and his wife Nancy! [...]

Something Sweet

I wanted to design a box of sweet treats for all the Freddy Fans, and [...]

Love is…

I made this drawing inspired by the vintage "Love is…" cards and I hope you [...]

Tammy Wight

I hope you like this <3 this is the second of two designs that I [...]

Nightmare Cupid

Date Night Freddy Style [...]

Heart Dreams

Hi Robert. This was done by my 13 yr old daughter Sophia. She knows Freddy [...]

“The Doctor is In…”

Robert, Thank you so much for the work you have done and for the impact [...]

Freddy: Will you be my Valentine?

Hi Robert, I felt inspired and sent in a new entry for the card contest! [...]

Dreamy Guy

I used to watch your movies all the time which really is what got me [...]

Burning Heart

Hi Robert! My name is Isabelle, I’m 17 and I’m a huge fan. I look [...]

Nightmare on Valentines Day

Hello Mr. Englund. This is my Lady and the Tramp inspired Valentines design. I hope [...]

we belong together

here's the card I made for the contest. thanks and happy valentines day! [...]

Have A Heart

Happy Valentine’s day, we hope you enjoy this! xoxo -Haley & Dustin (The Lucid Graveyard) [...]


Happy Valentine’s day !!!!!!!!! [...]


Roses are red Don’t sleep in your bed Violets are blue I’m coming for you [...]

Dream Daddy

After 31 years I can’t get enough of Freddy! Thanks for your work and for [...]

No glove, no love

I’m burning with desire! [...]

Dream Lover

Happy Valentines Day [...]

Nice Hearing From You

One Of The Coolest Scenes From "Freddy’s Dead" As A Special Valentine’s Day Message. [...]

Gory Valentine!

Hello Mr. Krueger! My name is Zofia, I am 13 years old and I am [...]

Time to Prune the Roses

1.. 2.. Freddy’s coming for you 3.. 4.. Cause I’m a herbivore 5.. 6.. Try [...]

F-ready For Love

I also had the "Man of your Dreams" idea but figured this one may be [...]


Been a big fan of all your work for many years. Its always a pleasure [...]

love your enemy

Hi Robert! big fan of your work and I hope you enjoy my art Kisses [...]

Be Mine

Hello Robert. I paid tribute to you and your wife last year, I don't know [...]

Claudia Giustiniani

Hi Freddy … I often dream and I’m your admirer. I embrace you and I [...]

The Man of Your Dreams

This was a bit rushed, due to me finding out about this last minute, but [...]

Scratch your back

Thank you for being great to your fans [...]


With love always to everyone on Elm Street – Happy Valentine's Day 2022! [...]

Freddy Krueger

Hi Freddy ?? I’m a 15 years old girl and i love you so much…also [...]

You’re A Piz-za My Soul, Valentine!

Have a bloody good Valentine's Day Robert! [...]

Felis Domesticus

Sure, you might not believe in fairytales, But it's still a purr-fect opportunity! [...]

Be mine

My 7yr old was all about her own valentine photo shoot for her card! She [...]

Give me your heart

Hi again Robert! Same card with color and a few tweaks. Hope you enjoy! Also, [...]

I only have eyes for you

Freddy (Mr. Englund), I hope you like the card I submitted. As soon as I [...]

Be Mine

I met Robert at the 13th annual Fright Fest in San Antonio. He is a [...]

You’ll be in my dreams

I am SUCH A HUGE FAN OF YOURS. A Nightmare on Elm Street was the [...]

Mayara Cardoso

Hello Robert I’m from Brazil, and access to you is so difficult here. I dream [...]

Kruger’s Valentine #1

Happy Valentine’s Day to the best horror character of all time! [...]

Rob Englund

This message is for Rob Have a very Happy Valentine’s Day [...]

They Call It Love

Freddy is a inspirational figure to me and has gotten me through tough times. [...]

Be My Valentine

Thanks for all the memories of watching your movies through out the years and meeting [...]

Welcome to pug time bitch !

The roses are dead…the violets are blue.. Krueger is cool…and so are you !!! [...]

Glove you to death

Thank you for allowing this opportunity!!! You’re the man!! [...]

Valentine Tarot Card

You Have My Heart Now I Have Yours [...]

Slasher Valentine

happy valentines day nightmare [...]

I WOULD KILL to be with YOU

its me again! this time with a cute Freddy with his dead buddies.This party is [...]

I’m Your Boyfriend Now… Bitch!

You can haunt my dreams anytime sexy man! xOxOxO… [...]

Best frenemies

Best frenemies, Freddy and Jason want to hang out with you this Valentine’s Day! [...]

Eye Like You

I’m glad that I heard of this in time. I hope you like my submission. [...]

Freddy Cat

The claws are coming to get you! [...]

Hearts and farts

Hearts and farts [...]

Be my “Bloody” valentine

I love you Freddy comeback to the big screen [...]


Happy Valentine’s Day dear Robert [...]

Forever Yours Valentine card

Dearest Robert, You give and give and give! I hope this Forever valentine reminds you [...]

Freddy Heartbox

Here’s my card! I’m a tattoo artist and love drawing horror. Hope you and your [...]

Dream man

Hello my dad entered the contest so I wanted to also. I am 12 years [...]

The love worm

Hi Robert & Nancy, here I send my participation in the Valentine's card contest, I [...]

Alex Hoffman

Hi Freddy, I am a huge fan of you and have been for years! I [...]

Desperately seeking a Valentine

Happy Valentines Day!! [...]

Under my skin

Thanks for the love [...]

Dream Lover

Dream lover- where are you? [...]

My Valentine meatball

Trying to make it look like the pizza Freddy ate on nightmare on elm st [...]

Man of my Nightmares

Mr. Sandman bring me an scream, make it the most chilling that I have ever [...]

Tongue Action

To the man of all our dreams, Happy Valentine’s Day! [...]

Pamela Whiteford

Hi Freddy this is a Valentine’s I made for my fiancé, she absolutely loves you [...]

Bee Mine

What if Freddy was a bee slashing flowers at Elm Street? [...]

Sweet Dreams My Love

From Freddy: Sweet dreams! [...]

“Oh, Shiela!!!!”

a reworking…. [...]


How Sweet! [...]

With burning love I give you my heart

Hey Freddy 1,2 here’s the card for you, 3,4 your blades unleash the gore. I [...]

No Strings

I love the puppet scene in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. This [...]

Your eyes say “no, no.” But my mouth says “yes, yes.”

Hello Robert! My name is Rafael, from Brazil. Here I am again, one more year [...]

Time of your life

Just a little movie smash up. [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Made this For the contest. My best to you [...]

Dream Lover

Horror can be fun too. [...]

Happy Valentine’s Slay from your Dream Child

Happy valentine's day from Jaxson Kelley age 7. [...]

Pizzaface Valentine

Oh boy where do I start … Hmm well, this is my third time entering [...]


Happy valentines bitch! How's this for a wet dream! [...]

Dream Me Up Freddy Cat

Freddy Cat takes up a multi-billionaire's offer and journeys into outer space. [...]

Joyeux Cauchemars

Happy Valentine's Day, Robert ! Beaucoup d'amour et de joyeux cauchemars pour l'éternité. [...]

Freddy Krueger

Hi Robert my name is Ashlyn and I’m 13 years old and I’m your biggest [...]


To Mr and Mrs Englund Happy Valentines hope to see you again soon [...]

Care for Something Sweet?

Hi, Robert im a huge fan. I first saw Nightmare On Elm St when i [...]

I’ll Be Your Prime Time

I’ve been obsessed with your movies since I can remember. Nightmare on Elm Street with [...]

Without You

Happy Valentine’s Day To Nancy & Robert! My Valentine Card Was Inspired By The “Freddy’s [...]

Suck my face

Thank you for being the reason I have nightmares [...]

May I be your dream bitch?

Im such a huge fan. I hope you like my card. You have gotten me [...]

I’m Your Valentine

New year, same old love for Englund and Krueger! There will never be another Freddy [...]

Dream lover

Can't wait to see you in your dreams [...]

I’m your boyfriend now!

Happy Valentines! [...]

I haven’t even cut you yet!

Actually a picture of my birthday cake!! [...]

I give you my heart this Valentine’s day!

Hi Robert! My name is Ashlyn and I’m your biggest fan! I decided to enter [...]

Freddy’s Dream Girl

Thank you so much for this opportunity! You're an inspiration to all Happy Valentines Day, [...]

Give me your heart

Hi Robert! Didn’t quite finish coloring! [...]

I’m your valentine now

Thanks for all the dreams! 🙂 [...]

Love Kills Bitches

Robert we love you!! Happy Valentines Day!!!!! [...]

I’m your Valentine Now

Just happy to of had the opportunity to participate in a contest held by Freddy [...]

Be Mine

Thanks for all the childhood memories watching "V", Freddys Nightmares and anticipating the latest Elm [...]

I’m your Valentine now Nancy

Nightmare on Elm Street was the series that got me into the horror genre and [...]

You’ve got the body and I have your heart!

A wonderful Valentine's to all those special dream killers out there! [...]

Dream Big #YOLO

Dear Robert, Thank you for being the man of my dreams! Your role as Freddy [...]

Sweet Dreams

I'm so committed to winning this contest that I made a new card. I I [...]

I Love You My Pretty, And Your Little Soul Too!

Dear Robert and Nancy, Greetings from Texas! I never thought of myself as a big [...]

Your a Dream

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope your day is a scream! Sweet Nightmares! -Rhonda [...]

Out of my head, into my bed

I'm your boyfriend now, Robert. [...]

Lets Have Some Fn Bourbon Valentine!

Hello! I hand drawn this Valentines card with charcoal pencils. It originates from the scene [...]

Dreams and Heart

Love steals the heart ……. dreams steal the mind, but often mind and heart travel [...]

Bleeding heart

To Robert, always wear your heart on your sleeve. Easy done if Freddy has ripped [...]

Don’t be scared it’s only me with your Valentine xo

Happy Bloody Valentine's Day you Magnificent Bastard ❤️ xo [...]

Wanna Suck Face?

Dear Freddy, You’ve been searching for love in all the wrong places, so to help [...]

You’re all I’m dreaming of!

Roses are red, Violets are blue, You’re all I dream of, Do you dream of [...]

True Glove

Enjoy the card Fred! We all have one true Glove! [...]

I’m Your Valentine Now Bitch!

Once Upon a Nightmare! //// I hope you have Happy Valentines to you and Nancy! [...]

I’m your boyfriend now

You're my mom's valentine every year. I got my mom's permission to be in the [...]

Dream Lovers

Hi Robert, here I send my participation in the Valentine's card contest, I hope you [...]


Now you're streaming with power. [...]

Be Mine

Thanks for all the nightmares. [...]

Freddy’s Love

My name is Guillermo. My mom is helping me submit the design i made for [...]

Take another “pizza” my heart

Thanks for the many years of heartfelt screams. [...]

Have A Heart

Blood is red, Veins are blue, hope you have happy Violenttimes day too! [...]


Be my UNCUT Valentine, Nancy. Every year… [...]

Getting into my heart has never been THIS easy!

I’m sure Freddy would love to wish all those piggies out there a happy Valentine’s [...]

Everything Inch Of My Heart

Be my valentine and receive every inch of my heart [...]

February is cold you’re not here

Thank you for the contest, I love Freddy from the very beginning, happy to honor [...]

Such a Cute Dream.

Keep it Creepy! [...]

Freddy Krueger

Freddy, you are my biggest love! Sending many hugs and kisses to you! <3 <3 [...]

Slashed Right Through the Heart

You will always be my favorite horror villain! [...]

Freddy’s Soul(mate) Pizza

Happy Valentines Day to Robert and all the Elm Street Bratz! [...]

I Love You My Pretty And Your Little Soul Too!

Dear Robert and Nancy, Greetings from Texas! I never thought of myself as a big [...]

Freddy Krueger Cupid

To Freddy: “Thank you for being Freddy, everyday.” To Mr Englund: “Thanks for trying so [...]


Happy Valentines Robert! Thank you for all the nightmares all these years, wouldn’t want anyone [...]

Scratch your back

Thank you for being great to your fans [...]

be mine

i just wanted to give this a go. i got a new digital program to [...]

Burn, baby, burn!

It's an honor to be able to create something for such an icon of horror. [...]


Happy Valentine's Day to you and Nancy! I hope you're both doing well and staying [...]

Happy Valentine’s day

Your awesome!!! [...]


Have a great Valentine's Day, Robert! [...]

Hey valentine

Here’s my valentine card [...]

Now Your Mine

Hello Mr. Krueger, Have been a fan since ’84 when it all began and had [...]


I love how interactive and caring you are to people who adore you and your [...]

I’m your Valentine now

This is a play on “I’m your boyfriend now Nancy” line which I feel is [...]

I’m Your Boyfriend Now

I can’t guarantee if this submission is good enough to make the cut, but at [...]


Robert, Hope you like this amazing creation I made just for you! You're amazing at [...]

1,2 Freddy’s in love with you

Hope this is the valentine's of your dreams [...]

A nightmare on Valentine St

Love your work [...]

“You Complete Me!”

Hiya, Sweetheart! Seems like even a poor soul like YOU needs some luvin’ this Valentine’s [...]

You’ve Got The Body, I’ve Got The Brain

You’re our favorite! Thank you so much for giving us artists this amazing opportunity. Happy [...]

For the best of Slasher

Hello friends of Freddy! I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day hoping that you [...]

VD Card

A handmade card drawn by Simply Betty, inked and put together by me. I love [...]

Sucking Face

Who doesn’t like to suck a little face every now and then? [...]

Man Of 1000 Screams

Dear Freddy you are truly awesome and I love all your movies! Keep being “The [...]

Freddy’s Bouquet of Carnage

Hi Robert! My aim was to create something beautiful and disgusting, Freddy's Bouquet of Carnage! [...]

Valentine’s Dead Day

Wanna suck tongue? Happy Valentines dead day [...]

“How Sweet ” 2021

Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid [...]

Freddy’s Bitch

Rob/Freddy – A huge thank you for your dedication to the franchise. The original nightmare [...]

You’ve got the body/I’ve got the brain

To the man who was and likely always be the biggest inspiration to me, thank [...]

Soul Pizza of Love

I based my card off of one of my favorite Freddy scenes! [...]

Welcome to Valentine’s Day… Bitch!

Here’s my second submission! I didn’t see anything that said I couldn’t submit more than [...]

Griff’s Valentine Card

Roses are red, violets are blue – Robert Englund is the best 'Freddy Kruegerooo…..' [...]

a dream come nightmare

Thank you for the oportunity, I always wanted the opportunity to tell you that you [...]


Lovin you in my Nightmares. [...]

Carve your heart out

Hello, I am Jazlyn. I am 10 years old and my mom allowed me to [...]

Kill 4 Me

Hi Robert, I’m a 19 yr old from Australia who has Autism. I just want [...]

Heart Stealer (Zach Faris)

Now allow me to steal yours… [...]

Never Sleep Again

My 9 year old daughter designed this. She's a huge Freddy fan. [...]

Let me be the man of your dreams

Happy Valentines 💝 [...]

Tim bullard

Haunted watauga county [...]

Killer in the sheets

Freddy the killer and freak in the sheets. Happy Valentine’s Day! [...]

Freddy love

Happy Valentine's Day! Your an amazing actor! Thank you! [...]

Cupid on Elm Street

This is a slightly reworked design that I created digitally. I participated in this contest [...]

Be my nightmare

Thanks for all the frights! [...]

I’m Your Boyfriend Now: Ghost Vs Freddy

Hi Robert, I love a good movie mash up, so here it is – Ghost [...]

One, two, Freddy’s waiting for you

Hello, dear Mr. Englund! I’m a dark, horror artist & illustrator from Russia, better known [...]

Hey Valentine… Wanna suck face?

Hi Robert! I had loads of fun drawing up my Valentine's competition entry for 2021, [...]


Hey freddy hope ya lose your head with the art! Sleep kills! keep up the [...]

Freddyzinosaurus Tasty Valentine

Hi Freddy, will you come and haunt my dreams as a monstrous creature of nightmares [...]

Leonardo De’ Freddio

I did this illustration in January of 2021 but didn't know of the Valentine's Day [...]

No Love For The Man With The Glove

Everyone’s favorite dream man has been stood up one too many times. Will this be [...]

1, 2: I Love You

Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for the nightmares!!! [...]

First date Freddy

Thanks for the screams, and dreams! [...]

You have my heart

Thank you for being Freddy [...]

Pt 2of2 Roses are dead, violets aren’t new and I sharpened my claws just for you

I’ve submitted 3 other cards, but this card was designed by my girlfriend who is [...]


Hey! How r u? You’re awesome! [...]

Dream Lover

Happy Valentines to Robert (and Freddy). 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity and please let [...]

A Heart is Just an Upside Down Butt

Freddy, I know the only way to defeat you to play by my own rules. [...]

Freddy the Bear

Dear Freddy, Be my bloody Valentine! Love, Melany xxx [...]

Freddy’s Valentine 2023

I made cards like the ones kids get in school before and "Freddy" suggested this [...]

9, 10 you’re still my best friend

This was my dog Ralphie. We spent his last Halloween dressed up as our favorite [...]


Blood is red and veins are blue. Would you say you do?? Marry me! [...]


Happy Valentines Day Robert! Thank you for all you have done for the horror community [...]


What says “I love you” more than a giant dream snake calling out to you [...]

My Love Burns For You

It’s such a dream to be able to design a photo to try and become [...]

Dream Man

Hello, Mr. Englund! I am a tattoo apprentice and I drew Freddy’s Valentine in a [...]

Kristina Thomas

Freddy is a idol and this has been so much fun to do [...]

Man crush

Hi Robert I’m a longtime nightmare fan and hope you like my drawing of Freddy [...]

Love Kills

Hello Mr. Robert Englund My name is Gonzalo De Montreuil, I’m a graphic artist and [...]

I’m going to split you in two

Will you be my valentine bitch? Kelly xx [...]


Happy valentines 💝 Robert you have been my most favorite horror actor since I was [...]

be mine.


I’ll Get You My Pretty!

Dear Robert, you'll always be the demon of my dreams. Thanks for all the nightmares! [...]

Choose your Dream…..

Are dreams really always beautiful? Try to choose the dream you like best …….. [...]

Valentine pizza

Trying to do it like from ur movie when u say Rick u little meatball [...]

Bed Time


THIS… Is your Freddy Valentine card.

This is probably obvious but, the left picture would be the front/outside of the card [...]

A Valentine on Elm Street

Dear Mr. Krueger, I am a huge fan of your work. Have been since before [...]

The Dreamweavin’ Fred Krueger

Dearest Frederick, Is there any more romantic an album cover than the iconic Freewheelin’ Bob [...]

I’m your Valentine now

Thanks for all you do and for all the great movies you acted in [...]

I’m your boyfriend now, bitch!

Thanks for the terrifying nightmares, Freddy! [...]

How Sweet…

Happy Valentines Day Freddy! I’de cut off an arm for you! Not mine of course, [...]

Be My Nightmarish Dream Come True

I'll be the nightmare that will stay with you forever! [...]

The Rose Is Dead

This is my second entry for the current contest. I dwelled on my first and [...]

Love, eternal

Dear Freddy, this could be us. I love you xxoo [...]

Freddy’s Coming for You

Happy Valentine’s Day from the soon to be birthday girl [...]

Pt 1of2 Roses are dead, violets aren’t new and I sharpened my claws just for you

I’ve submitted 3 other cards, but this card was designed by my girlfriend who is [...]

Freddy’s Card

Happy Valentine's Day to all Freddy fans! I hope you have/find a partner this year [...]

The man of your dreams!

Freddy’s revenge was always a favorite Nightmare of mine. Always loved that poster too! Freddy [...]

How Sweet. Fresh Meat.

Nightmare Kisses and Valentine Wishes [...]

You have my heart

Freddy Krueger know that we are miles apart you have haunted my dreams through years [...]

When Freddy Met Sally

Come back!! Fuck The Conjuring! [...]

Prime valentine

3 years in a row participating and still just happy you’re seeing my art. Thank [...]

Eat your heart out

To the first man of my dreams. Hoping you will be my Valentine, has me [...]

Dream Valentine

You are awesome 🙂 [...]

You Make My Nightmares Come True

Got inspiration for this from my girlfriend who is a huge Freddy fan. The secret [...]

Isn’t he dreamy?

This is my second year entering your contest! I now look forward to it each [...]

I love you THIS much!

Happy Valentine’s Day to the monster of my dreams! [...]


Whilst part of the design itself was originally meant to be a tribute to the [...]


I especially love your movies where you play yourself! 🙂 [...]

Freddy enamorado.

This is Lucas design for the contest (he is 5 years old!). Happy Valentine's day [...]

See you in your dreams ❤️

Love ya, mean it! Hope to meet you one day. [...]


“Lets act like we are at the prom from hell!” You’re a nightmare valentine ❤️ [...]


“Your wish is my COMMAND!!!” [...]

Splatters of the Heart

You've been my favorite "monster" since I was kid. Gorever Yours! 😘 [...]

” We Got six more minutes to play.”

Happy Valentine's Robert Englund you are amazing Horror actor. [...]

Uugh…it’s so basic!

So I know I uploaded my "artwork" 1 hour ago all funny and stuff…and now [...]

Be my Valentine

Left this blank so you can add to it [...]

Johnny Depp. Bring back boys in crop tops!

Hiiii Freddy! Your bitch is back 😝 Here is my valentines design, for glory and [...]

” I can be your sweet dream.”

I really hope you enjoy this piece. I just recently found out about this contest [...]

Sucking Face

Happy Valentines to my favorite creep! [...]

My charred romance

As Robert might say,"Keep your mouths shut and yer gloves tied tight,cause Freddy loves ya!" [...]

Im Your Valentine Now

I’m a huge fan, you’ve brought a lot of joy (and fear) into my life. [...]

Great catch

Hope you enjoy this Valentine with some subtly added "Elm Street" characteristics. [...]

Dream Lover

Dream lover, where are you? [...]


The quality of my 1st upload wasn’t good so I tried again. Hope you like [...]


Hi Robert Englund I made this because I can't draw I did ask my sister [...]

Love Bites!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Robert! Encouraged by a friend of mine who’s also participating, I decided [...]

Be my Valentine?

Happy Valentine [...]

Sweet Dreams

See You in your dreams Robert. [...]

Burning Passion

Hello Robert, I've been fan ever since I can remember especially of you as Freddy. [...]

Freddy is your sweetheart now.

Hope ya’ll have great valentine’s day! Thanks for giving fans the opportunity to create images [...]

Wet Dream

Thanks for a lifetime of laughs and nightmares! [...]

Welcome to my Nightmare

Welcome to my Nightmare, won’t you be mine? Happy Valentine’s Day! It’ll be a Dream! [...]

My Heart Strings

Thank you for doing this contest again this year. It’s my third year entering. I [...]


Hi Robert, this is my draw for the Valentine contest. It represents yuo in Freddy [...]

Without You

Happy Valentine’s Day To Nancy & Robert! My Entry Was Inspired By The “Freddy’s Dead" [...]



Man Of Your Dreams

Thanks For Letting Us Be Apart Of Your World Robert A Special Happy Valentine’s Day [...]

Happy Valentine Freddy

Hope I win this contest you are a true legend thanks!!!! [...]

See You in My Dreams

Happy Valentines Day to the King of Horror, This card is done with all cut [...]

“I’m your boyfriend now, Nancy”

Happy valentines Day Robert, I hope you have a bloody Valentine!! [...]

Am I dreaming

Make your woman very happy this valentines by asking her to tie the knot. Dreams [...]

Bloody Valentine

Uncle Freddy loves his bloody valentine! [...]

Dream crusher

Hey Robert I’m longtime nightmare fan and hope you enjoy my drawing. [...]

Your Soul is meant to be mine

Dear Robert England, I am a huge fan. You played the best Freddy in The [...]


Hi Mr Krueger, Hope you will like my art for your San Valentine’ s contest. [...]

Bloody Valentines

A bloody Valentine’s card featuring Freddy Krueger. [...]

Jason valdez

Ur my idol ur awesome hope u like my valentine [...]

Fancy a Ride?

This card was inspired from Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. It’s hard [...]

Freddy’s Revenge

Our 5 year old daughter decided to draw Freddy, from seeing a picture her dad [...]

Choose Your Dream

Do dreams really always lead us to love? Are dreams always full of beautiful things? [...]


Wanna Suck Face For Valentines?? [...]


Lee a really big fan of your [...]

Wet dream? Or just a bloody nightmare?

Dear Robert Happy Valentines hope Freddy has a hot date! If not I’ll be! Haha! [...]


Happy Valentine's Day Robert & Nancy! [...]

Cupid on Elm Street

This is the same card design with a plain white background [...]

Roleplay tonight?

Happy Valentines, hope I don’t break your heart [...]

Count the Ways

The ways look finite. [...]


Greetings fron Caracas Venezuela, we meet in Spooky Empire Orlando few years ago and we [...]

Kiss Me Through The Phone

Hello Mr. Englund! My name is Giuilianna Angulo, or, @/ theleftavenue . I am 20 [...]

Welcome To Valentine Bitch

Remember where you said Welcome To My World Bitch that’s where I got the card [...]




A little TWiST on Klimt’s “The Kiss” with YOU & Shiela !!!! [...]

The Headless Glover

Thanks for doing this awesome contest again! [...]

No Glove No Love

Happy Valentine’s Day [...]

Jack in the box

I’m a huge fan and love having the opportunity to enter this contest! I love [...]

Dream Guy

Hope you have a slicing good Valentine’s Day Robert! Love, Nicole Shepherd [...]

Freddy’s Heart

Happy Valentines Day Robert! <3 [...]

Blood Pillow Freddy

Hello I’m from Portugal 🇵🇹 I saw all your films and I make personalized crafts, [...]


Hey, whats up? You’re the best! [...]

Drop dead fred

II'm ready for prime time bitch! [...]

Be My Bloody Valentine

This Valentines Card was done by Tigger's Dog Rescue for all of you Freddy Kruger [...]

Love at first dream

Hope you like my valentine [...]

My Krueger Valentine

Valentine, you’re more than a little meatball. You’re my soul food [...]


Hope you have a screaming Valentine's Day! [...]


Have a Happy Valentines Day. Been a big fan of all your work for many [...]


Hi, I’m from Argentina, I’m a fan, let Freddy come back !! [...]

Totally NOT My Favorite Girl

Dear Robert, Happy New Year! This is the third time I am joining your contest. [...]


Loving you. Cut my heart out on Valentine. Bloody Dreams [...]

Freddy “Cupid” Krueger

I hope you like it. [...]

A Valentine on Elm Street

Dear Mr. Krueger, I am a huge fan of your work. Have been since before [...]

Blood Type FK

To: My Bloody Valentine From: Freddy Krueger [...]

Freddy Love

Mr. Robert, cheers to a Happy Valentines Day. See you in your dreams! ✌🏻 [...]

A Death Sentence

My art style may not be the best but it’s worth a shot for this [...]

Erik Alexandre

Love you for you. Simply [...]

My heart

You Have My Heart, Valentine [...]

Wanna suck face?

You will always be our favorite 🖤 [...]

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue…

The man of my dreams (and nightmares). Thank you for bringing Freddy to life! [...]

Kelly’s card

Freddy is my go to comfort character. Is that wrong? Maybe. Do I care? Nope! [...]

Slashed though the heart

forever and ever in my dreams [...]


Be mine …. Now close your eyes [...]

“Tina’s WORLD”

HOMAGE to Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World” [...]

Freddy’s Valentine

Dear Freddy, Us Elm street brats don’t deserve a man of your standing and sheer [...]

Always dreaming of you …

Hi Freddy, I think your amazing and love your work have been a fan since [...]

sweet dreams and Iove from hell

thanks for the opportunity i love freddy and love that you do this contest [...]

Be mine

Hello Robert! Here I am again, one more year in this contest! I am sending [...]

You Set my Soul on Fire!

I wanted this card to be Punny! [...]

Super Freddy!

Just try to resist me! Not a chance! [...]

“I’m Burnin’ for YOU, B*tch!”

I’ve been a Freddy fan since 2004. He is one of my favorite slasher villains [...]

Dont be heartless

I’ve been a fan since I was a child. Freddy is my favorite horror villain [...]

Valentine For Freddy

Hello. Here is the digital drawing of Freddy I drew that I would like to [...]

Valentine on Elm Street

I’m Japanese , but I’m a fan of Robert England!! I’ve always wanted to participate [...]

Dead Weight

Always thought this scene was great [...]

Freddy Krueger

You are truly one-of-a-kind! No other horror villain could never compare to you! Happy Valentine’s [...]

Man of My Dreams

Some say real love can be breathtaking. Well I’ll take your breath away…forever. 🖤💋 [...]

We got six more minutes to play

Happy Valentine's Robert Englund. You are amazing Horror actor of my childhood years. [...]

Teddy valentine

Thank you for asking me to submit again this year!! I can’t believe I’m still [...]

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Dream on Freddy! [...]

Sweet Dreams

Hello Robert! My name is Rafael, from Brazil. Here I am again, one more year [...]

Bleeding Love

Its certainly not the best but I tried 🙂 [...]

Freddy & Teddy bear

I hope that you would like my card. [...]

Freddy’s valentines cafe

Valentines can check in but they can’t check out [...]

You’re mine

You can slice and dice all you want but in the end you know your [...]

It’s all pillow talk

Dear Freddy, I am a huge fan of yours. I was a Fangoria kid in [...]

Happy valentines bitch

Thanks for being awesome Mr.Englund! We love u! [...]

It was all a Dream

I have always been a big horror fan, but Nightmare on Elm St was one [...]

“No heart feelings, right?”

Thanks for all the memories, Robert! [...]

Freddy Krueger

I made this Valentine Card just for you! It’s a collage graphic I made! [...]

Yvonnes bloody dreams

Who needs red roses when one can dream of you… Happy Valentines Day! [...]

Freddy Owns Your Heart

I am a big fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street films. I learned about [...]

Heart & Souls

Happy Valentine’s Day Freddy…giving you my heart & soul…. [...]

Love Dream

Freddy kills eros god of love waiting for dreamers to become eros in his world [...]

Without You

Happy Valentine’s Day To Nancy & Robert! My Entry Was Inspired By The “Freddy’s Dead" [...]

I found a way to your heart

Dear Freddy Welcome to my art bitch. Thanks for giving this opportunity and this cool [...]

Stacy armijo

I am obsessed with the nightmare on elm street movies. Robert englund has always been [...]

1,2, heart for you

Hey Fred, have a heart? [...]

9, 10 you’re still my best friend

This was my dog Ralphie. We spent his last Halloween dressed up as our favorite [...]

Nightmare on love street

Happy bloody valentines day [...]

You’re mine now Piggy!

You're my inspiration and an absolute icon. Thank you Robert for everything you have done. [...]

Mayara Cardoso

Hello Robert I’m from Brazil, and access to you is so difficult here. I dream [...]


Be my Valentine. Cut and Chew me… CHEWblooder… Best Regards and bloody week. [...]

Ready for Valentine, Bitch?

Dear Robert Thanks for the dreams! Greetings from Switzerland Sarina [...]



Freddy’s Valentine

I have been a huge fan of Nightmares On Elm Street series and Freddy Kruger. [...]

Be Mine

I met Robert at the 13th annual Fright Fest. He is a legend by all [...]

My Heart

Happy Valentine's Day to the man of my nightmares! I grew up watching your movies [...]



One, two your Valentine’s coming for you…

Happy Valentine's Day! I've been a fan for a long time! Thanks for giving your [...]

Face Sucker‼️

A Bloody Valentine From Me And Mine To You And Yours Robert🤙🏻❤️💯 Love Sal Christin [...]

Youuu Are My Valentine

Happy Valentines Day to the man of my dreams and nightmares! Your work has inspired [...]

I Burn For You

Dear Robert, Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for entertaining us for all these years and [...]

Hmm. A Chocolate Treat

Happy V Day Freddy (Mr. Englund) [...]

Your Boyfriend Now

Freddy Krueger on a Valentine’s Day themed bed. Snake design inspired by Dream Warriors [...]

Wanna suck face?

Hi Robert! I hope you enjoy the card/design. Happy Valentines Day! [...]

One Two, I Love You

Win or lose, I had fun creating this because I love the character of Freddy. [...]

Sleeping Beauty nightmare

Robert, I hope you like this card, I made it with love. I'm from Brazil [...]

You’re a dream come true

Happy valentines to the king! [...]

In your dreams

My 16 year old saw me working on a card and wanted me to submit [...]

Baby you make all of my nightmare’s come true

Got inspiration for this from my girlfriend who is a huge Freddy fan. [...]

Valentine’s Party

I've been a fan of this series for a long time. Long enough that all [...]


In your dreams! [...]

Burning for You

I only just recently watched A Nightmare on Elm Street, but I was an instant [...]

Brandon roberts

I love Freddy Krueger movies [...]


Thank you for this incredible chance to send you something [...]

Dreams and Heart

Love steals our heart … but if it were a dream that steals our heart [...]

For My Sweet Heart

I will love ya to death! [...]

Bleeding Heart (amended)

Please don't post this message haha! Submission as before but should read "blood is red" [...]

You Rock my Dream World

I was drawing this listening to Pink Floyd and ACDC… and then i realized… I [...]

Man of your dreams

I have been a Freddy fan for the majority of my life. It would be [...]

All my love is for you!

Robert, I do respect you and admire a lot all of your work. I’ve been [...]

Damaris Lopez

Thank you for the opportunity 😉 [...]

Hell is a Place on Earth With You

Submitting this again because I don’t know if this went through the other time. If [...]

Roses Are Fred

Thanks for the nightmares. Love always. [...]

You are Freddy Krueger….

Don't thinking to much, don't worry to much,don't drink to much , you are Freddy [...]


Dude, you’re such a lady killer [...]

Your Nightmare Valentine

Inspired by the man himself, Robert Englund! [...]

I Only Have Eyes For You!

Hey Valentine, I only have eyes for you! Ahhahahaha! [...]

Wanna Suck Face?!

I’m here attempting to submit my entry once again…would really like to be a part [...]


Greetings fron Caracas Venezuela, we meet in Spooky Empire Orlando few years ago and we [...]

Dream Valentine

Happy Freddy the 14th [...]

Sugar Rush!

Ohh what a Rush! A sugar rush that is! [...]

Bloody valentine

My 8 year old son Ryan is a huge fan, he wanted to make this [...]

Freddy’s Best Nightmare

Happy Vday Mr. Englund 😉 if you're ever in Salt Lake I'd love to buy [...]

A Hand To Hold

Happy Valentine’s Day, Robert! You have been quite an inspiration to my creativity as a [...]

Freddy’s Be Mine Sweater Heart

First time taking part in the Valentine Card contest and I am by far no [...]

Without You I’m Nothing

This card was inspired by the Freddy’s Dead poster, that I loved as a kid [...]

til death

til death do us part ! [...]

Freddy’s Got A Heart

My heart melts for you – thanks for a lifetime of frights! [...]


Here's a poem: Roses are red. Violets are blue. Don't fall asleep. Bitch! Happy Valentine’s [...]

I Have My Eye on You, Valentine

Hey Freddy! I am 14 yrs old and a Huge Fan. I hope you like [...]

A love Like Freddy

From my age of 10 when you first showed on the screen , I was [...]

Your Heart is Mine

Happy Valentine’s Day, Robert! Hope you have a great one, stay haunting our nightmares! [...]

Dream a little dream of Me

You gave all kinds of spooks on Elm Street, And there’s no other Freddy like [...]

1, 2, Hoping For You…

Have a killer Valentine's Day! You've shaped my childhood and helped guide me into being [...]

You’re The ONE For Me

Hello and salutations! Here is my submission for the 2019 Valentine’s Day card. This is [...]


Howdy, Mr. Englund! Huge fan here — you’ve inspired me to take a stab at [...]

Heart Eyed Freddy

Had a blast making this! [...]

Doom and gloom

Cheers [...]

Sweetheart – You’re a Dream

Thank you for the opportunity to create something fun! I only had a few sleepy [...]

A Lovely Nightmare

One, two, here’s a message for you! I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with [...]

Man of your dreams

Long life the dream god ! [...]


Wanna suck face? [...]

Classic love

For an old dude your pretty hot [...]

I’m your Valentine Now!!!

Just happy to of had the opportunity to participate in a contest held by Freddy [...]

Elm st style Be Mine card

This is a photo of the original I made with Prismacolor markers. If you decide [...]



I’m obsessed with you!

Hi! I’ve been a long time fan of yours and I absolutely enjoyed drawing this [...]

I beat my high score

Been a huge fan for most of my life! I was so happy to finally [...]

Dream Lover

Happy valentines, ya big spookyboi!!! [...]

Fresh Meat

huge fan!! [...]

I’m the man of your dreams

Happy Valentine's day "Dream Lover"! [...]

Freddy Valentine Dream Killer

Freddy will be in your Dreams on Valentines Day!!!!!! [...]

A Slice for my Darling

Happy Valentines Day! First time I have tried something like this, and what better time [...]

Hugs are drugs

After all this social distancing, Daddy needs a hug! [...]



Machete, meet finger gloves

Freddy and Jason have a…complicated relationship. But at the end of the day, they really [...]

The Man of My Dreams

Freddy is my favorite slasher! 🖤 I hope you like this Valentines Day card 💝💌 [...]

no fairytales

I hope you enjoy this twist for a Valentine. I enjoy all your work. [...]

You’re a Dream

Sweet Dreams!! [...]

Slashed Through The Heart

Love nightmare on elm street. ❤ [...]

Inside you!

♥️ [...]

Cupid Krueger

Thank you for all you have done. [...]

Dreams of love

I think you’re awesome [...]

Be Mine

This is my second time entering this contest and absolutely love seeing everybody else's take [...]

Dream Lover

Roses are red, violets are blue, Freddy is dead , still he's coming for you! [...]

You’re the one of my dreams

I’m attaching a jpg of the artwork, but if you’d like a hi-rez version, just [...]

Take a Pizza my Heart

thank you for all the heartfelt scares. [...]

I would kill for you

Been a fan since I was 5 [...]

You Make My World Upside Down

Dear Robert Englund, It’s truly an honor for me to pariticipate once again in your [...]

Love hurts….

Love hurts …. Freddy [...]

I’m Your Valentine Now

I’ve changed my first submissions greeting from “I’m Your Boyfriend Now” to “I’m Your VALENTINE [...]

Bon Appetit

Happy Valentine To Mr and Mrs Englund xo K [...]

Cut my heart into pieces

Loving you slashes my heart [...]

Happy Valentines 🙂

Have a good one dude, found this online and thought you'd like it. [...]

Be Mine

Your a cut above [...]

Come To Daddy

Happy Disembowel-entine's Day!!! I love all your work and hope to see you at Frightmare [...]

Man of your dreams

I hope you like the drawing! Took me like 3 days… [...]


happy velmetvs day [...]

Catch a Valentine Dream

Had a great time marrying my love of Freddy and dreamcatchers. Here’s hoping everyone catches [...]

Love is…

Hello Robert! My name is Rafael, from Brazil. Here I am again, one more year [...]

Have a heart

Even Freddy is willing to give away a heart on Valentine's Day. It's not his [...]

Will you be my valentine… forever

Have a happy Valentine’s Day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ [...]

Puppy Love

C'mon Robert … you know it is definitely more than puppy love. [...]

Freddy Bear!

Freddy Bear Will keep you safe…… [...]

Slashing my way to your Heart

To the Englunds Happy Valentines! Robert you are an inspiration! Thank you [...]

My Dreamy Valentine

You expected diamonds ohh what a wonderful dream but your actually in Freddy's world "Your [...]

Dreams and Heart

love often steals our heart ….. but what if it were just a dream? [...]

I’m your Valentine NOW

I'm your BF NOW! [...]

I’m Your Boyfriend Now!

Inspired by vintage Valentine’s Day cards (my favorites). This image was done digitally, so if [...]

Welcome to my world, bitch.

Hello Robert! My name is Rafael, from Brazil. Here I am again, one more year [...]

Freddy K

Happy Valentines Day bitch!❤❤❤ [...]

Pixar Freddy

Hello Robert. I enjoyed you in V. Live Neil [...]


Freddy you have been a inspiration and it would be a dream to win . [...]

“No Heart Feelings, right?”

Hope you enjoy this little doodle, Robert! Thank you for all of the memories! [...]

To all the female fans out there!

Jason? Michael? They ain’t got no style! Keep on clickin’,Mr. Krueger! You’re the true King [...]

“In dreams I walk with you..”

Thank you for the opportunity and for everything you do!! Your inspiration keeps me going [...]


Hello! I am a 15 year old artist from the UK and am a huge [...]

I’m your boyfriend now Nancy

What better a way to spend Valentine's day, then filling a lung with Freddy's long, [...]

Freddy’s Bloody Valentine

Hi Freddy, I really love your movies, I think they are awesome. But anyway this [...]

No Glove No Love

No Glove No Love – a very important message on Valentine’s Day [...]

Let’s take a Stab at Love

? sweet dreams ? [...]

A Cut Above the Rest

Showcasing Freddy’s true love: his glove. [...]

Strong Along

I really like the puppet scene in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. [...]

Man of Your Dreams

As huge Robert Englund fans from the UK, myself (RetroReview) and fellow artist Bolt from [...]

Wanna Suck Face?

Although I am massively creeped out by your films my boyfriend is a huge fan [...]

Care for Something Sweet, Bitch?

Dearest Frederick, As a lifelong fan of your work, the moment I heard about this [...]

Man of you dreams

Robert, I’ve always been a huge fan!! Thank you for all the enjoyment that you [...]

Anime Freddy

Happy Valentine's Killer [...]

A Valentine on Elm Street

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you enjoy this card! [...]

To My Sweetheart

I will love ya to death! (I stayed till the early hours finishing your card, [...]

1…2…I’m Hot for You

Hello Robert! Here is my submission for your 2019 Valentine’s Day card. My submission shows [...]


You sexy beast.. [...]

Be Mine, Krueger!

This contest is so much fun! I’ve been a big fan of Freddy since I [...]

You really got a hold on me

I'll see you in my dreams. Happy Valentine's day [...]

My Bloody valentine

Heyo Fred 🥺🥺. Its not much but I love you like a lot. And I [...]

Baby meat

Thank you for introducing me to the world of horror…and my 18 month old son, [...]

I’m your boyfriend now!

A big smoochy phone kiss to Robert! [...]

Man Of your Dreams

Man of your Dreams! Happy Valentine! [...]

Happy love season bitches!!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone’s favorite slasher!! [...]


Freddy preparing a boiling love soup [...]

The man of your nightmares

Thank you for all the nightmare fuel. Keep giving us a fright 🙂 [...]

Scream Queen

Freddy has always been my favorite slasher!! Huge fan!! [...]


I am so excited to participate in this. First time entering and regardless of the [...]

Love of your nightmares

Thank you for being the nightmare of our dreams! [...]

Kill 4 Me


Welcome to pug time bitch !!!

Roses are DEAD..violets are blue.. Freddys an icon and so are you keep up the [...]

Hall Monitor seeks love

I have zero artistic talent, but LOVE Robert Englund. [...]

Americas Sweetheart

Happy Valentine’s Day. [...]

Robert Englund

Hey Freddy, you sexy boy. Can’t wait to see you in my dreams after this [...]

Sweet Dreams

I had a slashing good time creating Sweet Dreams. My dreams thank you in the [...]

Happy valentine bitch

You were absolutely fabulous and I wouldn’t mind Freddy hunting me in my dreams [...]

Jason Mallory

This is Valentines Day Happy Valentine’s Day [...]

How Sweet…Sweet Nightmares

Hello! I hope all is well with you! Im still thankful I got to meet [...]

Freddy puppet love

U are my favorite nightmare. See u in my dreams. Love Hope [...]

One, two, Freddy’s loving on you….

Happy Valentine’s Day to my favourite bad guy! Sleep tight Freddy is out tonight [...]

I’m The Man of Your Dreams!

What a blast! Nothing but love for the man of MY dreams! ♡ [...]

Michelle Reyes

Most Amazing Actor!! Robert Englund Shall Live Forever [...]

Bloody Valentine 2023

Fred wishes you a bloody valentine! [...]

Be Mine

Just like a cat Freddy seems to have 9 lives + [...]

Be My Nightmare

Your eyes say no, no! But your heart says yes, yes! Thank you for playing [...]

Just Another Guy

I’m just another guy who has grown up loving your work. Hope you’re having a [...]

I thought we were role playing tonight?

Have a bloody valentine, sleep tight don’t let Freddy bite [...]

You’re the Sweetest!

I absolutely Loved making this card, and I hope it serves its purpose to pass [...]

Get Freddy for Valentine’s day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Love seeing all of the submissions! [...]

#1 Heartbreaker on Valentines Day

Hey, Big fan I made this in my photoshop class I had in highschool and [...]

Sweet Screams!

Mr Dream man……..Bring me your Screams! [...]

I’m Your Boyfriend Now!

First contest I've done! Tried to integrate details from the first movie, which I love– [...]

Let Me Be The Man Of Your Dreams

Dear Mr. Englund, Freddy Krueger has been one of my favorite horror icons for a [...]

Stolen Heart (Zach Faris)

Now allow me to steal yours… [...]

Happy Valentine’s Freddy Krueger

you snooze lose .you never sleep again hahah your my valentines now [...]

Dream Lover

Freddy’s the kind of man who will love you to death! Happy Valentine’s Day! [...]

“NO Glove, NO LOVE !!!!”

VERSiON One, i have ANOTHER one where it says, “happy Valentine’s Day….bitch” down in the [...]

You’re my favorite bitch

Dear Mr. Englund “A nightmare on Elm Street” was the first horror movie I watched [...]

Teddy Krueger

This is by far the coolest Valentine’s Day contest EVER! Happy bloody Valentine’s Day, Robert! [...]